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Resin Driveway - Cost Efficient And Gorgeous Solution For Your Holiday Home

RESIN DRIVEWAY - COST EFFICIENT AND GORGEOUS SOLUTION FOR YOUR HOLIDAY HOMEMore and more people are going for resin driveways to adorn their properties, particularly their holiday homes. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, resin driveways are also more cost-efficient compared to other driveway alternatives. This article tackles some of the factors that can affect the price that you have to pay in incorporating a resin driveway in your property.

Geographic Location

The cost for getting a resin driveway for your Algarve holiday property may vary. The reason behind this is that living costs and overheads in, for example, California and New York are different. Thereby, make sure to explore online sources where you will be able to explore sites, where resin driveways prices compared, are shown. In this way, you will have a better idea of the range of the amount of money you have to allot to have a resin driveway for your property in a certain location. Rest assured that the money you have to prepare is still significantly lower compared to brick or stone driveways.


Another factor that can affect the price of resin driveways is the size that you are going to cover. It follows that a larger area of coverage will entail the need for you to pay a bigger sum compared to a driveway that is smaller in size. Aside from the size though, accessibility of the driveway area is another factor that can affect the cost of the installation. For instance, if the prospective area is awkward to trowel, making it longer to complete the project, then the cost you need to prepare may be a bit bigger.

Resin Gravel

Even the color blend of the resin gavel can affect its cost because different types of aggregates have varying price ranges. More often than not, the prices are based on the source of the aggregate, as well as its exclusivity, size, color, and dimension. Alongside this, the quality of the resin used also affects the overall price. For instance, the non-UV stable resin is cheaper compared to UV stable resin because the latter goes through a longer manufacturing process, making it more refined.

Other Factors

Some other factors that can affect the price of getting a resin driveway for your holiday property include the types of vehicles that will go on the driveway, as well as any base work needed. When it comes to the former, larger and heavier vehicles entail the need for more resin to be used, increasing its price. In terms of the latter, the current state of the driveway of your property can also have a significant impact on its price. Nevertheless, your upfront costs will still prove to be more cost-effective compared to other driveway solutions.

Resin driveways are truly more cost-efficient compared to other driveway types such as brick or stone. Aside from this, they can also level up the value of your property because of their visually appealing look. Just keep in mind that the price of having a resin driveway installed in your property may still vary depending on certain factors such as those listed above.

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