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How To Build Emotional Intimacy

HOW TO BUILD EMOTIONAL INTIMACYFor any relationship to thrive, emotional intimacy is crucial. Emotional intimacy means allowing yourself to connect deeply with your significant other through actions that express trust, feelings, and vulnerabilities.

Building emotional intimacy can help to strengthen your relationship and make it more fulfilling. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you build emotional intimacy in your relationship.

1) Indulge Each Other's Passions

Showing interest and passion for the things that your partner loves is important if you want to develop emotional intimacy in your relationship. For example, if your partner loves listening to a particular audiobook, you could also listen to it to show affection. Doing this will also give you something to discuss.

You can also ask your partner to help you learn more about their hobby; this will give you a chance to explore a different side of your S.O. What's the best part? You can end up having an exciting shared activity.

2) Increase Your Time Together

When you are married, finding time can sometimes be challenging. Having kids in the home can make this even more difficult. Try to find time to go out on regular dates when both of you are free and spend some quality time together. In turn, this will ensure that you get time to engage in good conversation and increase emotional intimacy in your relationship.

3) Prioritize Sexual Satisfaction

You will often have an emotional connection with your partner if they are sexually satisfied. Having steamy sex with your significant other can improve your emotional bond. If you met your partner through a BBW hookup site, you should try to explore each other's sexual fantasies to make things interesting. You could suggest something kinky to spice things up in your relationship.

Find out what your partner likes when it comes to having sex and try to incorporate their needs with yours. Talking about a sexual fantasy without engaging in the act can also bring pleasure.

4) Try Something New Together

Trying a new experience with your partner is also a good idea. Studies have revealed that when couples try new activities together, this can help to rekindle closeness. You could try out a new restaurant in your area, join a dancing class together, or explore a new place. In turn, this will give you a unique way to connect and develop emotional intimacy.

5)  Express Gratitude and Appreciation

You should always acknowledge the small things that your partner does for you. The expression of appreciation and gratitude is required for emotional intimacy to exist, as it creates reassurance of why the two of you are together. While it is easy for you to thank your woman for the big things that they do for you, it is the little things that mean a lot.

6) Ask Each Other Deep Questions

Getting to know more about each other when you are starting a relationship can help you build emotional intimacy. As such, make sure you ask each other some deep questions. Be sure to make these conversations a routine so that you can learn more about each other.

Linda Raley is a Psychology Faculty student, a freelance writer on relationships, and a relationship beginner psychologist-consultant.7) Practice Non-Judgmental Listening

When starting a new relationship, you can increase the emotional intimacy of conversations by listening to your partner. You can nod and maintain eye contact when your partner talks to show them they have your full attention. You should also avoid turning the conversation toward yourself and leave room for silence to give your significant other space to share more deeply.

Doing these things can help you form or increase a loving connection with your significant other. Emotional connections often lead to long-lasting commitments with your partner.

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