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The Rabbit Hole of Homework: How To Help Your Teen Get Back on Track With Their School Work

THE RABBIT HOLE OF HOMEWORK: HOW TO HELP YOUR TEEN GET BACK ON TRACK WITH THEIR SCHOOL WORKSchooling is hard as it is, and the pandemic has not helped the matter either. The cultural shift from campus schooling to "Zoom schooling" has taken its toll on many kids. Several reports have shown that more than half the number of students have reported feeling dissociated from school this year, and there has been a dramatic drop in the grades.

One of the most common symptoms of school disengagement is homework anxiety and falling behind on homework schedules. Moreover, the farther behind a student falls, the more helpless they feel and end up getting overwhelmed by the feeling of not being able to catch up.

Here is a piece of good news. If you catch on to the fact that your kid has homework anxiety, there are ways to help them feel reassured and get back on track for schoolwork. Here are some tips to help your kid brush off the homework anxiety.

Ensure They Have Everything They Need 

The best way to ensure that your kid stays on top of their academics and schoolwork is to provide them with everything they need. From quality stationery to all course material, access to everything and being organized is the key to making sure that your kid will be interested in the schoolwork.

Moreover, the education system has been entirely online for a year and a half. It is crucial to have good internet connectivity and access to basic requirements like smartphones, tablets, or laptops to stay connected.

Having essential tools like a laptop and working internet also ensure that they have access to the world wide web and its rich database of information. They can head to the homework market to find answers to their assignments or problems when facing issues finishing schoolwork.

Some websites have a rich database of almost everything on the curriculum and answers to the most common questions, which your kid can benefit from. This will take the edge off the fear associated with homework and falling behind.

Empathy, Not Anger, Will Take Your Further

In 2021, 84 percent of adults in the US reported having felt one or other symptoms associated with prolonged stress like anger, anxiety, and sadness. This is the record highest stress level since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moreover, if you are a working parent in the US balancing the professional and personal life while parenting simultaneously, the chances are high that you are stressed.

It is, therefore, natural for you to react in anger when you get to know about your kid falling behind on his or her schoolwork. However, here is the thing, reacting in anger will cause your kid to take a defensive stance and hole up. Instead, it is recommended to be compassionate and show empathy. 

Kids who are having trouble catching up on school work, often look for someone who can show them the right path and guide them towards a solution. At this stage, showing empathy will go a long way to help your child. With the change in the methodology of education, it is natural for kids to cope. 

Things like emails, video conferencing, multitasking while attending online classes, and others are new for many kids, and it is natural for them to be overwhelmed. Have a conversation with them one on one and figure out what is bothering them.

Work Together to Figure Out the Issue at Hand

Since every parent wants what is best for their kid, it is natural to jump to a conclusion and develop a solution based on their experience. However, what parents need to understand is that it is necessary to properly diagnose the issue before trying to address the same. 

There could be many reasons, from the fear of peer rejection if they ask for help to mental health issues causing the academic collapse of your kid. Then there are various learning of attention disorders like ADHD, which could add to the school work's existing stress. Once you have got a handle on the issue, it will be easier for you to determine a practical course of action to rectify it.

Long story short, given the circumstances, it is best advised to go easier and be the friend they missed out on due to the lockdown and the friend they need. When even adults are having trouble coping, it is natural for children to crumble under pressure. Tell them it is okay to not be okay at times and work together to overcome the hurdles they face.


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