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Making Cremation Arrangements In Portugal

MAKING CREMATION ARRANGEMENTS IN PORTUGALThe Cremation provides for a final memorial service. Cremation gives people the flexibility to search for types of tributes that reflect the life being honoured,  for example music or belongings. At Michaels funeral, I  placed his beloved rock and TT races tee-shirts around his coffin, and wedding objects too.

But this doesn’t mean that aspects of traditional funeral services have to be discarded, you decide what you wish. Even with cremation, a meaningful memorial that is personalised to reflect the life of the deceased could include:

– A visitation prior to the service in Portugal; Or sometimes body is in the Chapel overnight, so family and friends can stay there in that 24 hour period, usually they supply coffee cold drinks and small snacks.

– An open or closed casket;

– Special music;

– A ceremony at the funeral chapel, your place of worship or other special Portugal location; and

– Participation by friends and family.

Commonly, cremated remains are placed in an urn and committed to an indoor or outdoor mausoleum or columbarium; interred in a family burial plot; or included in a special urn garden. Cremation also gives families in Portugal the option to scatter the remains. This can be done in a designated cemetery garden in Portugal, or at a place that was special to the person, I made a Rose Garden in my own garden for Michael's ashes, so that he is close to me always ... 

What ever you choose, cremation or burial, traditional services or contemporary celebrations, a Portugal funeral director can help you wth all your wishes.

REPATRIATIONBringing the body back home

If you have decided you wish to bring the deceased persons body back to UK, you must follow certain protocols.

You must get a Certified English Translation of the Death Certificate.

You have to get permission to remove the body, issued by a coroner (or equivalent) in the country where the person died

You must tell a coroner in England if the death was violent or unnatural.

Ask for advice from the British consulate or the Foreign Office.

The cost of this can be quite expensive dependent on Airlines and their costs and Protocols.

Please also consider the costs of transportation to and from airport etc.

For more information, advice and support, contact Share and Care Portugal,  an organisation set up by Debs Clarke after her husband passed away suddenly, to help other people through loss.

If you would just like to talk to someone, just email shareandcareportugal@gmail.com or call us on 926 865 115.

Facebook: Share & Care Portugal

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