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How to contact the emergency services in Portugal, plus specific resources for deaf people

HOW TO CONTACT THE EMERGENCY SERVICES IN PORTUGAL, PLUS SPECIFIC RESOURCES FOR DEAF PEOPLEIn any kind of emergency in Portugal, you can call the emergency number (112) from any telephone to speak to the emergency services. Depending on the nature of your query, the operator subsequently routes you through to the medical service, fire service, or police.

For deaf citizens, use the App MAI112 available to download at http://www.112.pt/Paginas/Home.aspx.  Alternatively, you can text an emergency message to the GNR at https://www.gnr.pt/MVC_GNR/Home/SmsSeguranca

There are three main police organizations in Portugal:

  • the Judicial Police (Policia Judiciária or PJ),
  • the National Gendarmerie (Guarda Nacional Republicana or GNR)
  • the Public Security Police (Policia de Segurança Publica or PSP).

The PJ deals with complex and high-level criminal investigations on a national scale, such as terrorism, cybercrime, and money laundering.

The GNR is Portugal’s paramilitary security organization; they are generally responsible for policing all areas of the country except for major cities.

THE PSP is generally responsible for policing major cities.

Find your nearest GNR Police station in Portugal here: www.gnr.pt/contactos.asp

Find your nearest PSP station in Portugal here: https://www.psp.pt/Pages/onde-estamos.aspx

Some additional numbers that may be useful are:

If you encounter a forest fire, call 117.
Environment SOS (GNR): 808 200 520
Transit SOS (GNR): 808 201 855
Sea rescue: 214 401 919
Maritime Police: 210 911 100

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