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SwimFin - award winning multi functional, buoyancy & swimming aid

SWIMFIN - AWARD WINNING MULTI FUNCTIONAL, BUOYANCY & SWIMMING AIDInventor of SwimFin, Kevin Moseley, has been in the aquatic/learn to swim industry for 44 years. He set out at the age of 14, assisting his local police/RLSS club, eventually becoming a qualified instructor, coach, and tutor in many disciplines.

Kevin set up one of the first private swim schools in the UK in the mid 80s, then set up the first franchise in Tenerife in the late 80’s.Kevin recently receiving his MBE, invested by Princess Ann at Buckingham Palace on 30th Nov 2022.

"I've dedicated my life to teaching swimming to all ages and abilities."

In 2008 Kevin launched a product called SwimFin, after walking away empty handed from the Dragon's Den in 2006 (that's another story).

SwimFin is a multi functional, buoyancy/swimming/teaching aid, that has gone on to win many international awards, including Kevin's recent MBE, invested by Princess Ann at Buckingham Palace on 30th Nov 2022.

"To date we export to over 140 countries and assist in helping millions of kids learn to swim. But the key point here is that we know we are teaching kids to become water safe, in a fraction of the time because of the methodology behind its fun exterior.

Myself and others believe this is a contributing factor when it comes to water safety and drowning prevention and potentially a reason in the drop in the UK and EU drowning stats.

I have recently written and released a teacher training course purely for SwimFin which currently runs internationally. (Swim England Qualifications accredited CPD)

SwimFin is based on the scientific and psychological aspects of learning to swim. Based on the fundamentals and incorporating the fun factor which is the foundation of learning.

Kids just see learning to swim as play time rather than a swimming lesson. While they are playing and moving through the water, they are gaining experience. Experience they do not achieve while waiting for formal lessons.

SWIMFIN - AWARD WINNING MULTI FUNCTIONAL, BUOYANCY & SWIMMING AIDAs more and more pools are closing, the demand for swimming lessons are increasing and the waiting lists continue to grow and so does the risk of drowning.

SwimFin has the ability to assist children in learning to swim, to become safer sooner without any formal instruction."

Swimfin was the first and still is the only endorsed swimming aid by Swim England (UK Governing Body), and is also Partnered with the Royal Life Saving Association (RLSS UK).

SwimFin also partners with RLSS Cameroon, sponsoring their learn to swim program.

The award winning swimming and bouyancy aid has earned endorsements by British Paralympian Stephanie Millward MBE, Australian Olympian Libby Trickett and British Olympian Mark Foster, amongst others. Their customers also consist of “A list” celebrities and Royals.

SwimFin has featured in Films, Prime TV shows, TV Commercials (Local and International) Videos, Songs, books and art. They also have limited and exclusive dual branding opportunities with the likes of TUI and Body Glove.

For more information, or to Shop for your SwimFin, visit https://swimfin.co.uk




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