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Signs That You May Have A Damaged Roof

Signs That You May Have A Damaged RoofDamaged roofing can lead to a range of issues with a property. Usually, harsh weather causes damages, as well as outdated materials and wear and tear.

There are often clear signs that you can learn to recognise when you may need a roofing inspection or to hire roofers in Glasgow to repair or replace your roof.

Here are some clear signs that there may be an issue:

Dropping Or Sagging Roof

Having a sagging or drooping roof is never good, but if you have noticed a drooping or sagging roofline, there are a number of signs that can help you figure out if your roof is in need of repairs. If the problem is caused by a damaged truss or rafter, it's time to call in an expert for repair. Thankfully, you can easily find a premier roofing company in Aberdeen to help with any drooping or sagging issues. If you are in the area, don't risk it by trying to fix it yourself, as this could be dangerous and even make the problem worse.

The drooping or sagging of a roof can be caused by excessive weight on the structure of the house. This weight may come from snow, wind, roofing materials, or another source. Depending on the severity of the damage, it's possible to repair the sagging roofline, but it's also possible to completely replace the roof.

Peeling Of Paint

Among the numerous roof related problems, the accelerated peeling of the paint under the shade of the eaves of a damaged roof is the most worrisome.

The best way to mitigate this common roof affliction is to ensure that the area is correctly and evenly insulated. The quickest and cheapest way to do this is by installing a suitable weatherproof barrier between the exposed areas. This will prevent the paint from transferring moisture from the roof and also help to keep the area cooler. As with any new addition to the home, it is advisable to carry out a periodic inspection of the aforementioned areas. 

Missing Shingles

Having a missing shingle on your roof is a problem that should be dealt with as soon as possible. Missing shingles can lead to leaks and even interior damage. They can also reduce the value of your home. The best way to deal with this issue is to have a professional roofing company inspect it for you.

There are several reasons why a shingle may fall off your roof. It could be as simple as a bad installation, or it may be a sign of a larger, more serious problem.


Identifying mould signs on a damaged roof is an important task. Mould growth can be harmful to you and your family. In addition to causing health problems, it can damage your home's value. If left untreated, it can recur.

Mould grows in damp environments and can cause respiratory problems. It can also affect your health by causing skin rashes, sore throats, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention right away.


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