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6 Ways to Be a Happier Mom

6 WAYS TO BE A HAPPIER MOMA mother does many things in her life. Starting from the long journey of pregnancy, until finally, the little one comes into the world. The arrival of a baby is the first gate and the process is not always easy, considering that every mother must face different challenges.

Being a mother of a young child is a dream for many people, but in reality, it weighs on your mood. You may be exhausted, frustrated, and sometimes angry. You may also fight more often with your partner, so there will be more negative emotions.

What can you do to be a happy mother physically and mentally? Keep on reading to know more about the tips on becoming a happy mother.

Acknowledge When You're Feeling Stressed Out

Just because you're a mother doesn't mean you have to have superpowers to do everything on your own. Moreover, many women carry multiple roles: wife, mother, as well as working woman. Wearing these hats can take a toll on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

It helps to realize that it's okay to feel frustrated, angry, tired, or irritable sometimes. It doesn't mean you are a bad parent, it's a normal thing that needs to happen in order to be emotionally available for your family.

Have Enough Rest

If you want to be available to take care of your whole family, you should make sure that you have proper rest every day. 

Ever heard the saying that money can't buy happiness?  This is true and is closely related to short-quality rest; this has been proven in a study conducted by the University of Michigan. Making more in annual income has less effect on your day-to-day happiness than getting an extra hour of sleep for a mom.

When a mother is sleep deprived, it will be more difficult for her to control her emotions, so when faced with something, women tend to react rather than respond to the situation appropriately. It should also be noted that chronic insomnia raises all kinds of health and brain problems.

Thus why as a mother never hesitate to communicate this with your partner. For example, share the chores with your husband to look after your little one for a while on the weekends while you rest for a while.  Even though it's simple, this will make you more energized the next day.

Don't Underestimate ‘Me Time’

Once in a while pamper yourself, and ask for time away from your kids to your partner. It does not mean you love them less, it just means that you realize your need to be a great parent and partner for your family. A mother has a series of tasks that seem endless. If all the responsibilities and needs of the family have been met, you may take a break for a moment to pamper yourself. Having this is simple, but you should never underestimate the effect.  

Reward yourself with something or activity that you like.  For example, going to a salon for treatment or visiting a hit cafe that you've always wanted to visit, but haven't had the chance to.  Although briefly, this has a significant impact to recharge your energy.

Find The Support You Need

Apart from ‘me time,’ having some supportive friends and family is also important, to ensure that the life of being a happy mother can be realized.  Don't hesitate to communicate with your family if something is needed, including with family members or relatives who have already become parents.

No less important is building a connection with your partner. As a first step, ask yourself: what are the little things that can help keep my relationship with my husband strong during a difficult time like this? You may need to spend time with your spouse by watching a romantic drama with them after your little one is asleep.  Get rid of gadgets and make this moment for deep talk. For example, planning for the coming year or reviewing your married life and your husband so far.

Intake of Nutritious Food is Key

Did you know that food plays an important role in one's happiness? Yes, this is evidenced by research that found that proper nutrition can prevent and treat depression. Consuming fruit and vegetables can make a person happier for a longer time. These are examples of foods that have a significant impact on happiness including extra-virgin olive oil, yogurt, cheese, nuts, seeds, seafood, lean red meat, and non-fried foods.

Aside from nutritious food, make you also have a proper water intake. Purchase My Own Water bottled water and put them around your house, thus you can take a gulp every hour!

Meditation to Calm the Mind

The way to become the next happy mother is by taking a moment to meditate. Meditation is the right step to relax and recharge. During meditation, you will take time off to concentrate on your breath while putting aside worries. Even though it's simple, ultimately meditation can help to focus on the important things in life, especially your family.


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