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How to Have More Quality Time with Your Family

HOW TO HAVE MORE QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR FAMILYThe families that spend time together tend to be better friends to one another. They have closer relationships and enjoy lifelong bonds compared to families that spend very little time together.

If that’s the kind of family you would like to have, here are some ways you can spend more quality time with yours by making some small lifestyle changes or trying new things.

1. Set Limits on Electronic Devices

The average person uses their screen about 7 hours a day. By setting a rule that you turn them off at the dinner table, limit their use when travelling together, and don’t take them to bed, your family will have more quality time with one another.

2. Plan Outings

If you plan time together, your time spent with one another will likely be of a better quality. You can plan to eat out, take trips to the zoo and museums, go on road trips, and take shopping trips, just to name a few suggestions. That time spent in close company doing something fun creates great memories and closer bonds.

3. Hire Out Some Duties

If you spend much of your week cleaning the house, then that may not leave you very much time to spend with family. Why not hire maid services periodically to do house cleaning so that you have more time to do things with the rest of your family?

4. Say No to Overtime Sometimes

While it may be tempting to grab up all the overtime you can at work and make that extra money, it can be damaging to your family if you do it often. It is okay to say “no” to your boss sometimes when it comes to working extra hours. It may be necessary to keep your family together and create a strong connection between family members.

5. Play Games Together

It is unfortunate that many people who live together actually spend very little time together. You can make an effort to play games with one another, whether they are board games, video games or sports. These kinds of activities create powerful connections, even if you are on opposing teams. If you are playing teams, be sure to mix up those teams regularly so everyone gets time to be on each other’s team.

6. Do an Artistic Activity

Even if you aren’t good at arts and crafts, these kinds of activities are great for strengthening relationships when you do them with family members. Painting, coloring, sculpting, sewing, papier mache, and similar activities can relax your mind and explore your creative side. They open up great conversations with your family members as well when you do them together. Try scheduling an arts and crafts day in your home once a week to build skills and relationships.

These are just some ways that you can have more quality time with your family. Try implementing a few of these ideas and see the difference that can make in your home and in relationships with your family members. 


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