How to Choose and Maintain the Best Garden Room Materials

HOW TO CHOOSE AND MAINTAIN THE BEST GARDEN ROOM MATERIALSA garden room can provide a multitude of benefits when it comes to cost, installation, and purpose. The handy structures can help you avoid expensive renovations or stressful relocations and may offer ample square footage for a sleek home bar, cinema room, cool lounge area, stylish gym, or home office, to name a few ideas.

If you are considering incorporating a design into your exterior, you will likely want to erect the best quality structure to ensure it stands the test of time.

Read the following advice on how to choose and maintain the best garden room materials.

What is the Best Garden Room Material?

Timber is undoubtedly the best material for any garden room design. It has a timeless aesthetic that will complement any modern and traditional home, ensuring it never looks out of place on your property. You can take your pick from various contemporary and classic designs at https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/garden-rooms/5mx3m/, which are available in many sizes, layouts, and styles to suit your taste, budget, and needs. Another benefit of timber is you can choose from various wall thicknesses to create a warm, inviting environment. Also, as timber has a timeless, rustic appearance, you can trust you will fall instantly in love with the interior, and it will work in harmony with various design styles, such as bohemian, cottage, and western, to name a few options.

How Can I Care for a Timber Garden Room?

A quality garden room should last between five to 10 years, but it could maintain its quality for decades or a lifetime with the correct care. As you might never have owned a wooden structure before, you might be unsure where to start. The good news is that maintaining your garden room couldn’t be easier. All you must do is apply a wooden treatment as soon as the structure is erected. Also, top up the application at least once per year to prevent rotting, discolouration, mould, sun damage, and insect damage. If an area of your garden room is more susceptible to moisture, apply an extra coating to protect its appearance and health.

What is the Best Treatment Option for Timber?

Treat timber garden rooms with an oil-based preserver or paint, which should be applied to the exterior and interior. In addition to applying the treatment at least once per year, you must ensure the structure is well-ventilated to lower its humidity level and prevent damp, mould, and rotting. The small tasks could add years to your much-loved garden room’s life and provide your property with more flexibility throughout the years.

When Should I Treat My Timber Garden Room?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can treat a garden room during every type of weather. It is crucial to only apply a treatment to dry timber. If the building is wet due to rain, snow, condensation, or another reason, you must wait for it to thoroughly dry before applying a coat. If you fail to do so, you will increase the risk of mould, which will decrease its lifespan.


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