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Awesome Decor Ideas to Transform & Upgrade Your Backyard

AWESOME DECOR IDEAS TO TRANSFORM & UPGRADE YOUR BACKYARDSpring is right around the corner and you know what that means. It’s time to upgrade your backyard and turn it into an awesome place to spend your time.

Upgrading your backyard might seem overwhelming. How do you even get started? What upgrades are actually worth the effort? 

We want to help! Read on to learn about a few awesome decor ideas to transform and upgrade your backyard.

Brighten It Up With Fun Lights

If you don’t use your backyard at night, what’s stopping you? There are few things better on a warm summer night than sitting outside in your backyard with a cool drink and listening to crickets.

To get nighttime use out of your backyard, you need to make sure it’s well-lit. Sure, you could use whatever porch lights your home already came with, but they’re not aesthetically appealing and they don’t often emit enough light.

Upgrade your space by adding more unique lighting options. But what types of lights are best? If you’re having people over for an outdoor gathering, consider using fire to light the space. Torches and fire pits add serious ambiance to any backyard.

For a whimsical look, string lights are a great and affordable option. You can hang them overhead or put them on your fence for soft lighting in any color of the rainbow. This is a “hip” and trendy way to light up your outdoor space.

Really, any lighting will do. Experiment with a few different options to see what works best for you.

Add a Relaxing Water Feature

Who doesn’t love the sound of flowing water? If you’re not lucky enough to live right next to a stream or river, you, unfortunately, don’t have the luxury of hearing it when you’re sitting outside in your backyard. You can use large outdoor fountains as a centerpiece to replicate the experience of being near a flowing body of water. They’re not just relaxing; they also look great. 

A water feature will immediately elevate your outdoor space. It will make it seem more elegant. Water features are also good for local wildlife. You may notice some small visitors drinking from your fountain! 

Create a Perfect Gathering Space

Do you know what immediately makes a backyard better? Friends and family members! Improve your backyard by creating a perfect little area where your loved ones can gather for outdoor parties. 

Set up your outdoor gathering space similar to how you’d set up an indoor sitting room. You want to create a comfortable space where people can talk and hang out. Make sure you have enough seating. Several benches and comfortable chairs placed around a table or fire pit should be sufficient. Make sure you choose furniture that’s waterproof so you don’t have to bring everything indoors every time it rains.

Put up a large umbrella or another type of overhang so you can still hang out when it’s too hot and sunny or when it rains. Don’t let bad weather ruin your awesome outdoor gatherings!

For an extra addition, consider creating an outdoor bar. Even a small bar cart will be perfect for your next outdoor party, and when you’re not having a gathering, you can use it to hold books or snacks while you’re lounging outside on your own or gardening. 

Put Up a Bird Feeder

Do you have any bird feeders in your garden? If not, what’s stopping you? There are likely many local birds that you’ve never seen, but with a good bird feeder, you can welcome them right into your yard. 

Look up local birds in your area and learn what they like to eat. You can usually buy birdseed that will attract specific birds, but even generic birdseed will bring some feathered visitors to your outdoor space.

Place the bird feeder far away enough from your sitting area that birds will feel comfortable there, but make sure it’s still within eyesight. Consider putting it near a window so you can watch the birds from indoors. 

You could even put up a hummingbird feeder. These feeders shouldn’t attract squirrels but they may attract bees, so do so with caution. 

Edible gardensAdd More Plants to Your Garden

Every backyard, no matter how small, needs some beautiful plants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, add some new greenery to your outdoor space.

People who aren’t fantastic gardeners should opt for easy plants that don’t require much special care. Look into plants that are native to your area. Native plants are used to the growing conditions so they shouldn’t require anything extra and they’re also good for the environment.

Consider layering your landscape to add visual interest to your garden. Combine plants of different sizes and textures to create a lush and vibrant space.

Edible gardens are also incredibly fashionable right now. If the weather conditions in your area are suitable for growing fruits and vegetables, they’ll seriously upgrade your backyard (and your lifestyle as a whole). 

Create a Walking Path 

A walking path is a fantastic addition to any large backyard. It will stop people from stepping on your plants, lead them to all of the important areas of your yard, and create more visual interest. 

There are so many different types of walking paths to choose from.

You could go all out and create a covered walking path with beautiful trellis archways and vines. This creates a whimsical space that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale.

Most people opt for simple paths made from stepping stones. You can get them in any shape or color and they’re easy to place on your own or move in the future if you want to change up your yard.

Transform & Upgrade Your Backyard With These Ideas

These ideas can seriously transform and upgrade your backyard, and you can do most of them completely by yourself. Add some fresh new plants, adjust your lighting, create an awesome gathering space, or feed local birds. No matter which of these upgrades you choose, you’ll have a more awesome backyard.



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