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Preparing To Rent Your Home? Here's Why You Need Professional Cleaners

PREPARING TO RENT YOUR HOME? HERE'S WHY YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL CLEANERSThere are many reasons to rent out a home today. The slowing housing market can make selling a property a longer process for one. Another reason to rent a home is so you can enjoy living in another country for a spell.

In 2021, over 42,000 Brits became residents of Portugal. Of course, you don’t need to apply for residency to enjoy spending extended time overseas, and many do this by buying a rental home in Portugal while renting out their UK property for a set amount of time.

Renting a home requires a few steps including appointing a letting agent and marketing. Yet, one of the most important aspects for a prospective tenant is the cleanliness of the property.

Why do you need professional cleaners when renting out a property?

There is nothing to stop you from cleaning your own home, but when you are looking for tenants it pays to have a spotless property as this can project certain standards regarding how you look after your home.

There are some areas that cleaning services will tackle that you could forget, and there are others that require proper equipment and know-how. For instance, a carpet cleaning company can help to give your floor coverings a new lease of life. But, if you hire a standard steam cleaner, you might find your results can’t match those of a professional service. For efficient and expert for condo cleaning, consider professional services available here.

Below are some reasons why professional cleaning services make sense for landlords.

You will rent your home quicker

Your letting agent is going to have a far easier time marketing your property and finding tenants if it is immaculately presented. One of the biggest tips to renting property is to clean to high standards, and your tenants are more likely to become long-term renters if they are happy in their new home.

This would be fortunate if you decided that you’d like to make your move to the Algarve more permanent too.

You will save time

Obviously, delegating tasks saves you the time of doing them yourself. However, you might not appreciate just how much time cleaning takes.

The people at The Happy House Cleaning estimate it takes a professional between 4 and 5 hours to clean a home properly. Whereas 3 untrained individuals would likely take about 4 hours each to clean the same home.

It has been said that individuals spend up to 2 years of their lives cleaning. Wouldn’t you rather be relaxing and thinking of the Algarvian Coast?

Professional cleaners are trained and experienced

There are countless people working in the cleaning industry in the UK now. And they should be trained to use the right products and equipment for the tasks they are hired for.

The UK cleaning industry’s value is £6.5bn in 2023, and this is a reflection of how much homeowners and other customers rely on their services, and with good reason. Professional cleaners are held to high standards, and their employers will often offer customers a quality guarantee.

You should save money

It may seem strange, but sometimes spending money results in savings. Unless you are fully stocked you are unlikely to have the same equipment and cleaning products that a professional service will have.

Hiring a cleaning service may actually work out cheaper than buying everything you need to clean, at least the first time.

They can work alongside your management company

If you are moving abroad, then you will need your letting agent to assume full management of your property. Having a trusted professional cleaner in place means that every time a tenant leaves, you can ensure the home is ready to let again quickly.

If you are busy learning how to own a rental property in Portugal then you might want to double down and contact cleaning services in your home country and the Algarve too.

Do you need to tell your tenants about cleaning services?

You can save yourself a lot of stress by inserting a cleaning services clause into your tenancy agreement.

Data shows that there were 4,459,602 security deposits in England in the tenancy deposit scheme in 2022. Out of these, many will face deductions due to poor cleaning, and this will cause a dispute which will be somewhat inconvenient when you are in another country.

If you stipulate that your tenant has to use a check-out clean from your chosen cleaning service, this can help to avoid disputes and keep the property maintained.


Using professional cleaners can ensure your home meets the standards expected by letting agents and tenants. Having a cleaning company you like means you can call on them to keep your rental property maintained when necessary.

And as is common now, you can add a clause to your lease agreement that makes sure your cleaning company always performs an end-of-tenancy clean so that you can get new tenants in quickly.


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