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Always at hand when you need spare space

Always at hand when you need spare space.There is this time during any family dinner when you run out of space for all the dishes that you have prepared. You can also have trouble with keeping your table clothes and bed sheets in place. All the spare plates and cutlery need some organization too. This little helper, strategically placed, will prove to be irreplaceable.

The recipe for perfect time

During a meal, everything happens quickly - you want to serve the table as efficiently as possible while taking part in the conversation. The best option is to prepare everything in advance. Starters and drinks can already be waiting for guests before they arrive. Table linen, napkins and glasses can always be waiting on standby so that you don't have to rush. Plates can also be set aside for a while and conversation can be enjoyed in peace.

Historically, sideboards were used to store food but, with changes in kitchen organisation, they slowly changed their role. Today, it's an opportunity to bring a bit of convenience in a beautiful form into the kitchen or nearby. A beautiful chest of drawers, which at the same time will act as a roomy storage space for all the things you need to prepare a meal together. In a smaller room, you can also easily arrange space for a sideboard by placing it as a neat cupboard under the TV or by placing it somewhere near the kitchen.

A very practical solution is to choose a piece of furniture that has both doors and shelves as well as drawers. Behind the doors, the shelves can easily accommodate extra plates, glasses, tablecloths and even a spare vase. The drawers, on the other hand, are ideal for organising smaller items. Here you will find napkins, cutlery and all the smaller decorations. Arrange them so that they are easily accessible and have excellent storage capacity, and enjoy your new assistant for all those pleasant moments at the table. 

There are no rules except those you set yourself. If you want your sideboard to be a beautiful decoration and the main accent in your room, it's easy to choose the special one just for you. Opt for the timeless elegance of black or its decadence in glamour. White will brighten up any interior and add a graceful touch. Wooden surfaces will lend cosiness to an interior and bring a sense of permanence. Grey is both versatile and very modern. With such a wide selection, there is something for everyone.

Choose to make every party easier

Sometimes it's not enough to have things put away out of sight. True organisation allows you to put things away quickly so don't stop at your choice of furniture. Carefully select a variety of organisers for the inside of your sideboard to make the most of its capacity and capability. Cutlery drawer inserts will help you quickly empty the dishwasher and set the table. Thoughtful glass holders will keep your glasses safe and tidy. Additional plate racks will allow you to quickly take any plate without lifting the whole stack, while you can concentrate on enjoying your fruits of your labour and your guests.

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