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New road signs, greater safety

New road signs, greater safetyThe National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) launches a campaign - 'New signs, greater safety' - which comes into force on April 20, 2020. It promotes the awareness to changes to some road signs, introduced by the new Traffic Signaling Regulation (RST).

The changes to the new Traffic Signaling Regulation aim, explains the ANSR, to improve and update road signs in accordance with the Highway Code and in alignment with the National Strategic Road Safety Plan - THINK 2020.

With the amendment to the regulation, the sign of residential or coexistence zone will be introduced, which indicates the entry into a coexistence zone, designed for the shared use by pedestrians and vehicles, where special traffic rules apply.

New information signs, new symbols of tourist, geographical, ecological and cultural indication are also introduced, as well as the graphic representation of the signals of drivers, traffic regulators and light signals.

Within the scope of PENSE measure A14.62, which aims to "approve and disseminate the technical provisions to support the design of low-speed traffic zones", ANSR approved the Support Manual for the implementation of 'Zones 30' and the Support Manual for 'Residential or Coexistence Zones', which include a set of technical provisions that should serve as a basis for the design of safe and innovative solutions designed to promote the joint and harmonious use of public space by different users.

New road signs, greater safety

With the collaboration of all, says the Road Safety Authority, the dissemination of the new Traffic Signaling Regulation "will contribute to the improvement of road safety, especially within the localities and for vulnerable users, with a view to the common purpose of combating road accidents ".

Read the original article in Portuguese HERE.

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