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Paying Your Portuguese Property Tax (IMI) From Abroad

Paying Your Portuguese Property Tax (IMI) From AbroadMany UK residents who own a property in Portugal will have received their Portuguese council property tax forms, with no opportunity to visit Portugal and pay it. So, how can you pay the invoice?

To pay from your Portuguese bank account:

1.Open and log into Portuguese bank account
2.Click on Payments 
3.Click on State- Pay the State
4.Enter Reference 15 digit number from the bottom left side of invoice 
5.Enter amount €
6.Enter Fiscal number top left 9 digits
7.Click next 
8.Check info and Pay
9.Print receipt

To pay from a non-Portuguese bank account:

Make a transfer from your bank with the following information:

• Your Portuguese fiscal number
• “Referencia para Pagamento" - the reference number on your bill

To the following account:

Creditor´s name: Autoridade Tributaria e Aduaneira
Bank account number: 83 69 27
IBAN: PT500 781 00190 000000836927
Name of the Bank: Institudo de Gestão da Tesouraria e do Credito Publico

For more information you can download a short guide on How To Pay Your Portuguese Taxes From Abroad HERE


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+2 #1 Peter 2020-05-18 06:39
And if I am in the UK and the bill with the required 15-digit number is in a locked mailbox in Portugal?

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