Wills in Portugal

WILLS IN PORTUGAL2Making a Portuguese Will is strongly recommended if you have property or other assets in Portugal. This can help to ensure your estate goes to the right people, make the process of administering your estate as simple as possible, and potentially reduce your estate’s inheritance tax liability.

Getting a Portuguese Will also ensures the difference in inheritance rules between the UK and Portugal are accounted for, reducing the potential for unexpected issues which could cost your heirs time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Getting expert advice on making a Portuguese Will can give you peace of mind that all of the legal details are taken care of and that nothing has been forgotten or overlooked. We can recommend two lady Lawyers who speak English, they can advise you. 

Liliana Solipa
Rua Joao Evanglista lote A No. 32 R/C Esquendo 6000-240, Castelo Branco
T: 272 322 385
Mob: 965 264 285

Ana Filipa Gonçalves and Lucília Antunes
Quinta do Amieiro de Baixo, 10, R/c, Loja Esquerda, 6000-129 Castelo Branco
T: 272 032 149
Mob: 933 318 293
W: https://ana-filipa-goncalves-lucilia-antunes.negocio.site

For support and advice, contact Share & Care Portugal at:

W: https://shareandcareportugal.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/725170581516791



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