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REMINDER: Brits In Portugal - residency, healthcare & driving license

REMINDER: BRITS IN PORTUGAL - RESIDENCY, HEALTHCARE & DRIVING LICENSEThe British Embassy are reminding British citizens living in Portugal of actions you may need take, if you haven't already, following Brexit. These include residency, healthcare and driving license exchange.

Register at https://brexit.sef.pt/en/ or send proof of you living in Portugal prior to the end of 2020 to SEF, to get residency under the Withdrawal Agreement. SEE MORE...

Register with the health centre and get your EHIC from the UK if you are a S1 or from Portugal. SEE MORE...

Driving licences
Resident UK nationals in Portugal can drive with a valid UK licence until 31st December 2021, and should start the exchange before that date; if the licence expires or is lost, they need to exchange for a Portuguese one. SEE MORE...

Voting Rights
UK nationals resident in Portugal before 1st February 2020 can register to vote for the next local elections (deadline 26th July). SEE MORE...

Unfortunately, we still have no news from SEF regarding the start of the next phase (scheduled appointments) of residency renewals/exchanges, but we are expecting it to start this month. However, the certificate with the QR code that you get when you register on the SEF website does not have an expiry date and it is valid until the new residency card is issued. Also important to point out, if the original EU residency documents are expiring, there is no need to get an appointment with SEF to renew – the new card will be the renewed document. This is why it is important for residents to register in the portal.

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+1 #1 Fred Steel 2021-07-10 11:05
I have been registered for residency with SEF for months, but I still don't have any documentation to prove that. Without that I cannot renew my Portuguese driving licence.

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