Enjoy the Algarve's May issue is out!

Enjoy the Algarve's May issue is out!Read the May 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Island style.
In it: marine biologists Miguel Correia and Jorge Palma explain about seahorse breeding and survival. Find out what it’s really like to live on an island in the Algarve (the pros include loads of fresh seafood whereas the cons certainly involve recent demolition threats), and learn about Portuguese water dogs.

Also in the magazine: nine things you shouldn’t miss on Ilha da Armona, five tips to do on Ilha Deserta, advice on how to get to the islands, and the report of a trip to Ilha da Culatra's fishing community with sailor Ricardo Barradas. Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen explains why the people of Ilha da Armona think he’s the bicho papão, the bogeyman.

Plus: expat Rik Dejonghe about finding perfect waves, aerial photography tips by Hélio Ramos and everything you need to know about bacalhau.

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