Enjoy the Algarve features 'artisan traditions' read the June issue here

Enjoy the Algarve's June issue is out!

Read the June 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Made by hand.
In it: make ceramics on a potter's wheel, create terracotta tiles by hand, learn about Portugal's artisan heritage, weave bags out of palm leaves, decorate your house Algarvian style, and get your friends typically Portuguese foodie presents.

Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen celebrates Portugal's Eurovision Song Contest victory, expats Natasha and Dan Birch explain why they don’t spend every single day on the beach, and Jorge Costa Reis gives architectural photography tips.

Plus: seven things you shouldn’t miss in the area of São Marcos da Serra and fascinating facts about cork.

You can find out more about Enjoy the Algarve by visiting their website: www.enjoythealgarve.com or directly read the latest issue on:


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W: www.enjoythealgarve.com

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