25 x Enjoy the Algarve! Because there’s so much more to the south of Portugal than just lying on a beach.

Mountain bikers from all over the world train in the hills of São Brás areaThe Ria Formosa is home to the largest population of sea horses in the world. The yearly Bike Meeting in Faro attracts about 35.000 bikers. In Silves, they make wine out of oranges. With coasteering in the Costa Vicentina Nature Reserve, you jump off 12m cliffs into the Atlantic Ocean. The Algarve’s cuisine isn’t only about sea food, but also includes locally farmed porco preto. Mountain bikers from all over the world train in the hills of São Brás area. In Castro Marim, you can take a mud bath in a traditional salt pan.

Editor, Yayeri van BaarsenLong story short: the Algarve is more than just a place with beautiful beaches. To show the variety of this region, journalist Yayeri van Baarsen and photographer Kyle Rodriguez have made the monthly online Enjoy the Algarve magazine (the first issue came out in June 2015). With articles about the local cork industry, the coffee culture, the varied nature, and the forgotten villages where people still use donkeys to plough their land. But above all the magazine is about, quite simply, enjoying the Algarve.

Van Baarsen & Rodriguez: “It’s great to hang out in your local village and always visit the nearest stretch of sand, but there’s so much more to experience here in the south of Portugal. With Enjoy the Algarve we want to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and discover something new, whether it’s canoeing to Ilha da Culatra or talking to a local beekeeper. As any expat we’ve interviewed will agree: drive into the hills, jump into the rivers, and taste that Medronho!

Currently Enjoy the Algarve exists two years. Time for the 25th issue: ‘Made by hand’, which focuses on traditional handicrafts. Some previous themed issues: ‘Get dirty’, ‘Island style’, ‘No fear’, ‘Into the wild’, and ‘Don’t worry, be hippie’. Also in every edition: features, activity reviews, city guides, photography tips, expat interviews and Portugal trivia. The fully responsive digital magazine features stories from Aljezur to Alcoutim and from Sagres to Vila Real de Santo António.

What are you waiting for? Visit http://magazine.enjoythealgarve.com and read all the issues of Enjoy the Algarve magazine for free. Enjoy!

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