Start 2018 in the best possible way: by reading Enjoy the Algarve’s January issue

‘The happy issue!’Read the January 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘The happy issue!’
In it: lots of fun and happiness! Like horse riding on Praia do Garrão, improving your mood with flowers, dancing on the beach with balloons and three Algarve-based activities that produce an instant shot of joy. 
What makes you happy? For yoga teacher Sanne Theben Terville it’s yoga and meditation, whereas expat Kinga Lundblad is most content when exploring the Algarvian countryside and squeezing her own orange juice. Others get their pleasure from skinny-dipping, singing Fado or helping stray dogs. 

We investigate how satisfied the Portuguese are, and columnist Arthur van Amerongen reveals his good intentions for the New Year: “Staying at home with my three bitches and knitting my own butt plug, using a lovely embroidery pattern.”
Plus: three things to do this month, fascinating facts about pomegranates, seven things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Santa Luzia, and photographer Chloé Ophelia’s tips on concert photography.

Happy reading!

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