The Best Mix of Portuguese Music, Bands, Fans and Culture ...... presented in English

The Best Mix of Portuguese Music, Bands, Fans and Culture ...... presented in English Unpublished`Tosta Mista´, the newest Portuguese music discovery radio show to target the International marketplace has landed in North America, the UK & further.

Well known Portuguese journalist and music guru Álvaro Costa together with International Development and music consultancy firm The Portugal Music Scene have teamed up with RTP Radio Antena 3 in Portugal and to launch this intuitive internet radio show.

Tosta Mista helps bring the best of the current Portuguese music culture to new audiences. With music discovery a key ingredient to the recipe, the show is targeted at music fans worldwide through key partners and platforms like, the most listened to digital radio station in the world. More partners in other countries as far as China are also planned for early 2018. As well, Tosta Mista targets representatives in the international music industry, tourism industry, business communities, education sector, travel & hospitality industries with a “street team” of millions of English speaking Portuguese descendants throughout the world, proud to help spread great music. Whether a Concert Booker, Music Journalist, Tourist, Travel Writer or just a hardcore music fan, Tosta Mista dishes up 30 minute episodes twice a month with some of the best music in Portugal today.

Tune in to Tosta Mista on Antena 3 in Portugal at and

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