Enjoy the Algarve – March 2018 – A different perspective

Enjoy the Algarve – March 2018 – A different perspectiveSee the south of Portugal from a different point of view with Enjoy the Algarve’s March issue.

In it: exploring the Ibn’Ammar cave, the mental aspect of the very physical discipline that’s parkour, and promoting countryside tourism in a responsible way. We ask a diver, a pilot and an astronomer about their view from the Algarve, list six alternative Algarvian attractions, and get tips on drone photography from photographer Tiago Cruz.

Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen loves that the rains have finally reached the Algarve. “Such a joy to run naked through my garden, barefoot and in direct contact with mud and Mother Earth, aka Pachamama,” whereas expat Fiona Butler claims the clear skies and vast ocean horizon in the south of Portugal help keep a clear mind and open spirit.

Plus: three things to do this month, fascinating facts about the Algarvian chimney, six things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Odeleite, and five reasons to go digital.

Happy reading!

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