Celebrate spring with Enjoy the Algarve’s April issue

Celebrate spring with Enjoy the Algarve’s April issueRead the April 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Burst of colour’.
In it: floristry advice from Pasi & Paul Jokinin-Carter, true colour explosions in paintball, modern Portuguese painter Amadeo de Souza Cardoso, and blue hour photography tips by Leo Domingos. Get creative with our colourful Algarve-based activities and discover the historical and symbolic meaning of colours in the south of Portugal.

Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen remembers his worst Easter which involved his friend projectile vomiting in church: “The misogynistic Greek priests were not amused,” whereas expat Anita Hadlow talks about how she and her husband Mark made the decision to move to the Algarve after just three days of Mark’s first visit here.
Plus: three things to do this month, seven things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Albufeira, three places to spot the best Algarvian street art, and five butterflies to discover in the south of Portugal.

Happy reading!

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