Critically injured Lagos toddler dies in hospital

nurseThe eighteen-month-old baby, who on Saturday morning fell eight metres from a second floor window at a Lagos apartment bloc, has died of his injuries.
A hospital spokesman stated that the toddler, “did not withstand the seriousness of the clinical situation."
The time of death has not been released but the hospital did confirm that the boy has lost his fight for life. He was being cared for in the paediatric intensive care unit at Faro Hospital.
Spencer, the son of Holly Bishop and Rob Devlin, was rushed to the hospital on Saturday morning in a critical condition after falling from the apartment window.
The circumstances in which the baby fell are being looked into by the Public Security Police.
Holly, from Perth, Australia, was busy cleaning the flat with her 18-month-old son Spencer happily following her around. But when she couldn’t see or hear him, she started to panic before noticing a window was “fully open.”
The tot had climbed out of the window and on to the balcony before falling seven metres from their second-storey apartment.
Holly, 28, from Perth, and her British partner Robert, 32, who is from Coatbridge in Scotland, have been living together in Lagos for about three years where Mr Devlin runs a local tourism business.
A later report from Australia's ran as follows:
Ms Bishop’s sister Jess Marach exclusively told how the “devastating accident” unfolded around 9.30am on Saturday.
She said Ms Bishop told her she had been cleaning the house and “Spencer was following her around as he always did” in the moments prior to the incident.
“She had opened the window in Spencer’s room a little bit to air the apartment and let floors dry,” Ms Marach said.
“She said he was then playing in the bathroom banging around on the cupboards and she went to tell him to come out and he followed her back to the living room. She then continued to clean the apartment and again couldn’t see Spencer or now hear him either.
“She thought he was getting up to mischief as kids do when they go quiet, so she went past the bathroom and didn’t see him there, so then went into his room and found that he wasn’t there either.”
Ms Bishop reportedly panicked before noticing the window was “fully open”, according to Ms Marach. The little boy had climbed out the window and on to the balcony, she said.
“[Holly] ... ran over to look [and] saw little Spencer on the ground outside with people surrounding him and she ran straight down the stairs to him,” Ms Marach said.
“His breathing was very laboured, but he was breathing and he was immediately rushed to the local [Portimao] hospital.”
A neighbour told a Portuguese online news site: “I heard a young man, who practised first aid on the youngster, screaming.
“The neighbour on the first floor came to the window. He then went to knock on the parents’ door and the mum came to the window and saw her son lying on the ground”.
Spencer was soon transferred to Algarve University Hospital Centre Hospital in Faro, about 100km away.
“Waiting at hospital they told Holly and partner Rob that Spencer’s brain function was already gone but they both still held on to hope that he would pull through,” Ms Marach said.
“Unfortunately the extent of his injuries were just too much for his small body and he passed away peacefully.
“It was just a freak accident that could happen to any of us in a split second.”
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