Enjoy the Algarve – May 2018 – Push your limits

Enjoy the Algarve – May 2018 – Push your limits

Have an outdoor adventure with Enjoy the Algarve’s May issue

Read the May 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Push your limits’.
In it: rock climbing on the cliffs of Sagres, freedivers Mafalda Oliveira and Mário Albuquerque talk about diving deep on a single breath of air, and surfing lifestyle photography tips by Gabriel Rosa.

Explore the south of Portugal off the beaten track and get your adrenaline pumping with our seven adventurous Algarve-based activities.
Our columnist Arthur van Amerongen sniffs around in Olhão: “Critics claim it’s the stench of nitrate soup, made by ingredients from the sewer that ends directly into the by UNESCO protected Ria Formosa. Others say the stink is due to the ever-changing tides and rotting sea weed in the mudflats.” Expat and artist Andrea Rozario talks about finally having the time to be creative here in the Algarve.

Plus: three things to do this month, five facts about futsal, eight things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Querença, and three ways to get dirty in the countryside.

Happy reading!

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