Memorial erected to Via Algarviana founder member

A plaque in memory of Maurice Clyde A plaque in memory of Maurice Clyde has been unveiled to the former ‘Algarve Wednesday Walk’ leader and one of the founders of the Via Algarviana, who sadly passed away in 2014.

The memorial was provided by Silves Camara and Almargem and has been placed at an accessible point on the now hugely popular walking route, near a bridge on the M502 about 1.5 kilometres north of Silves cemetery.

Memorial erected to Via Algarviana founder member UnpublishedThe memorial was unveiled by Luisa Luis, a Councillor at Silves Camâra, Luís Raposo, President of Almargem and Rod Frew, representing the Algarve Wednesday Walkers. Rod was one of the intrepid founder members who made the first 250 kilometre east-to-west crossing in 11 days in October 1998.

Also present from the walking club, were members who made the first two crossings in 1998 and 1999.

The intrepid founder membersThe group photo shows (L-R) Paul Akehurst de Visme, Paco Elterre (a Spanish walker) Myriam Lo (the only survivor of both crossings), Tony Webster (now 87 years old), Rod Frew and Francisco Graca.

After the ceremony, there was a short 7 kilometre walk along part of the Algarve Way with 20 walkers taking part from Almargem, Algarve Wednesday Walkers and Paco Elterre, the walker from the Spanish Group accompanied by his family.

The day concluded with a lunch at Recanto dos Mouros in Silves, after which both Luís Raposo and Rod Frew made short laudatory speeches.

The group that took part in the 7km walk.

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