Safe Tourism - Awareness Raising Events

beachBarImageMonday 15th April 2019 - 0930 - 1300 hrs
Faro Airport Arrival Hall
During the Easter holidays, two awareness-raising events will take place in two of the Algarve's main tourist locations: The first of these will be at Faro airport arrival area on Monday 15th April from 09.30 to 13.00 hrs 

The aim of this, through direct contact with the public, is to share in a positive and informal way tourist information and security advice in the Algarve. This event is organised by Safe Communities Portugal within the scope of a protocol with the Ministry of Internal Administration in collaboration with Regional tourism Algarve. 

This will be the first of its type at this location with the presence of the "Falco" the PSP Mascot.

The date has been chosen as it will be the busiest day for arriving passengers during the holiday period. Members of the PSP, Regional Tourism Algarve will be there handing out leaflets and answering questions.
Wednesday 17th April 2019 - 11.00- 20.00 hrs
Mar Shopping Algarve

Our second event during the Easter Holidays will be at Mar Shopping on 17th April.

We are very grateful to Mar Shopping for supporting this initiative and providing the venue for this event.

On this occasion we will be partnering with the GNR Loule, Regional Tourism Algarve (RTA) and Mar Shopping management.

On display will be GNR equipment as well as a dog from their dog unit. Agents will be on hand to answer your questions. The GNR mascot "Dragao" will be present for the first time at Mar Shopping.  

In a press release Mar Shopping stated: We are particularly sensitive to the importance of the security issue and it is with total openness that we welcome this public awareness action in our commercial complex," says Herman Gewert, general director of MAR Shopping Algarve. "This is another example of the strong connection we have and we encourage with the community, and as we receive thousands of visitors every day, we provide excellent conditions to stimulate this type of initiatives."

In addition to the display, Safe Communities Portugal will be conducting a crime perception survey concerning safety in the Algarve and RTA will be on hand to discuss tourist issues with visitors. Leaflets will be available to visitors concerning crime prevention and other matters.

This will be a particularly busy day at Mar Shopping and we look forward to seeing you there.

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