Olhão art exhibition - Edwin Hagendoorn & Justine Albronda - 'Sharing life - Sharing painting'

paintbrushesThe Dutch painters, Justine and Edwin, resident of Olhão for 10 years, are exhibiting Edwin's individual paintings as well as larger, joint works at the city's Re-creative Cultural Association Republic 14, near the Church.

Edwin’s contrasting styles are complemented in still-life paintings, as homage and respect, both to the painter and to his partner.

Most of the work shown will be Edwin's - gestural and experimental, while Justine's work is methodical and meticulous.

Edwin Hagendoorn, an accomplished and talented artist is a humble and quiet man but through painting, he finds his voice - which certainly is not low – it’s high, bold and unconventional in narrative, material and style.

This set of works, created over a period of five years, challenges and pushes the boundaries, sometimes in a crude, rough and uncomfortable way. There is a brutality that is honest; the characters seem to make fun of the audience, challenging the viewer to look deeper and darker.

Hagendoorn says: "For me, painting is freedom and drawing is breath."

Hagendoorn is an observer, a master of the line; he observes, he draws, he registers, capturing the expressive essence of a passer-by, with sensitivity and a (sense of) humour, many of his themes are residents of his adopted city, Olhão.

Justine Albronda chooses subjects in which the factors remain constant, such as still life, carefully capturing small details of inert objects.


Friday 17:30, June 7 - July 1

Re-creative Cultural Association Republic 14, Olhão

Edwin Hagendoorn - Justine Albronda

‘Sharing life - Sharing painting’







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