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The International Film Tour hits Portugal

The International Film Tour hits PortugalAt the end of October 2019 the Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 6 arrives in Portugal for the first time taking in 3 shows in LISBON, PORTO and the ALGARVE. The ultimate film event for all who love the sea!

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR brings the beauty and fascination of the oceans to the big screen.

The programme consists of 6 inspiring films with a total duration of about two hours. The face of this year’s tour is freediver, dancer, and filmmaker Julie Gautier, for whom the element water is both workplace and stage. The environmental policy focus of the International OCEAN FILM TOUR Vol. 6 is the deep-sea adventure CHASING THE THUNDER where we follow the marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd in its ambitious fight against illegal fishing on the high seas. See trailer HERE.

With supplementary activities, such as hosts and prize contests, each event lasts from 2.5–3 hours the tour is also accompanied by environmental protection organisations and activists who provide important steps each individual can take to protect the oceans.

The Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 6 started in Germany in mid-March and has gone on an extensive tour through 14 countries worldwide with over 150 stops.



Wednesday 6th &Thursday 7th November - Lisbon - Cinema São Jorge - CLICK HERE for tickets
Wednesday 13th November - Faro - Cinema Algarcine - CLICK HERE for tickets

W: https://oceanfilmtour.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OceanFilmTourpT


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