Important Things to Know How to Handle: A Guide to Life's Messes

IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW HOW TO HANDLE: A GUIDE TO LIFE'S MESSESOn a day-to-day basis, life can and will throw challenges and complications at you. No matter how big or small, we all face messes day in and day out. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to deal with these issues, especially when they are unexplained or unexpected. Read on for 5 frequent messes and how to tackle them.

1. Bad hair day

It seems like a minor issue, but a bad hair day can ruin your entire flow and set you on the course of having a crappy day. Many people have their morning routine down to the minute and don’t have spare time to address excessive bed head. On the flip side, if a shower is built into your morning routine, sometimes your hair just isn’t cooperating.

Maybe your bad hair day happened after you hit the gym. If you workout during your lunch hour, you need to return to the office fresh. While there are plenty of optionor deodorizing and cleansing your body, many hair products don’t work well on sweaty hair. Finding a product to refresh and style your post-workout hair can be challenging.

Gel, mousse, hairspray, texturizing spray, it’s hard to know what to reach for to solve the issue of your hair. If you are looking for a go to, multi-use product, try Clay Spray. It can be used on freshly cleaned hair, while blow drying, or in place of your dry shampoo in between washes. And since it can be used on wet or dry hair, it’s great post-workout. 

2. Random stains

Every mom’s favorite item to deal with every mess including deodorant stains and spilt lunch, is baby wipes. They are just moist enough to clean a stain without soaking your clothes, and the cleansing agent in the wipes will often do a good job of cleaning up the mess before you launder your clothes. Since they are designed for sensitive baby skin, they are gentle enough not to damage your more delicate items as well. 

As busy as life is, sometimes you don’t realize that you ended up with deodorant marks on your black shirt or that you dropped part of your lunch on your tie. If a stain or mess sits on your clothes for too long, it can dry and set. Maybe you spilled your lunch in your car and managed to move your leg, but now you have a giant blob of ketchup on your seat cushion. Grab the baby wipes. Try keeping some in a sealable bag in your desk, purse or bag, and glove compartment.

Baby wipes are also helpful at home to quickly deal with messes that you don’t have time to deep clean immediately. Pet messes can be quickly cleaned up with paper towels and baby wipes until you have time to more thoroughly clean the area. And, of course, baby wipes are great for all kid messes including wiping faces, hands, and clothes.

3. Car problems

The most unexpected mess of anyone’s day is car problems. They can cause major delays, and you may need to find alternate transportation and then have to deal with resolving the issue. 

While most vehicles come with all the tools you need to switch out your tire for the spare, it is a skill. Ensure you know where your spare tire kit is and how to use the tools included to switch out your tire. Also, periodically check your spare tire for leaks and ensure it is full of air in the event you need to use it.

If you walk out to your car and notice a puddle underneath, you may have a coolant leak. It could also be transmission fluid, oil, brake fluid, or even water (from your car, not the rain). Most car leaks should be dealt with by your favorite mechanic. 

For a dead battery, there are a lot of portable jumping kits available that don’t require you to have another vehicle to jump start your car. If you invest in one of these, make sure you keep the battery charged. At the least, you should always have a set of jumper cables in your car.

If keeping up with these kits and the associated maintenance is too much, consider getting a AAA membership. They provide roadside assistance, battery jumping, lockout services, towing, and much more. Many people find it is well worth the peace of mind to have those services available to them.

4. Digestive issues 

Did you hit the Brazilian Steak House last night? Are you experimenting with different weight loss methods? Did you get too busy to drink enough fluids? All of these can lead to digestive issues ranging from gas to constipation.

Gas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. If your favorite veggies are broccoli and cauliflower or you’ve recently increased your protein intake, then it may be necessary for you to explore some gas solutions. Finding a good probiotic can help balance the gut. You will want to ensure that you are investing in a product that is absorbing in the optimal location in your digestive tract. Additionally, digestive enzymes can be helpful and there are products available that you can take either before or after your meal. Papaya enzyme is one that you can take after meals, and it is gentle enough to take whenever you feel bubbly and uncomfortable.

Diarrhea is no fun. Running to the bathroom urgently is no fun. Assuming you are not experiencing any additional symptoms, such as a fever, diarrhea typically resolves on its own. It is important to stay hydrated and to replace your electrolytes after a bout of the runs. If you are having frequent diarrhea, you should talk with your doctor.

If you are having constipation due to dietary issues, you may also experience some back pain. However, constipation leg pain is generally actually back pain radiating down the leg, probably through the sciatic nerve. If you are experiencing leg pain, that may be a separate issue. For constipation, try to drink plenty of water, increase your fiber intake, drink some coffee, and/or take a magnesium supplement. 

5. Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wardrobe malfunctions often happen on the go and you need a fast solution to address them. Keep the following items handy in a bag or drawer for on-the-spot wardrobe snafu solutions:

  • Safety pins
  • Lip balm
  • Double sided tape

Safety pins can be used to diffuse static cling, replace busted buttons, close a gap between buttons, and keep a hem from coming out. Lip balm is helpful for loosening stuck zippers and secure shoelaces. Double sided tape can be used to keep clothes and undergarments in place as well as solving that problematic hem. If the tape is strong enough, it might even fix a broken heel. It can also be beneficial to keep an emergency sewing kit on hand for small tears, holes or button repair. 

Being prepared and proactive is the best way to deal with any issue that you can’t prevent. 

Regardless of what life throws at you, you have the tools to meet these snafus head-on with poise and grace. Just keep your cool and remember these solutions to keep you breezing through your day. 

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