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Vilamoura to become only casino with Quarteira build community venue instead

VILAMOURA TO BECOME ONLY CASINO WITH QUARTEIRA BUILD COMMUNITY VENUE INSTEADFor a while now, since the council in Quarteira bought over the old casino for €2million, the rumour of a second casino to the neighbouring one in Vilamoura kept gossip running, but it has now been confirmed that the venue will not be restored to be a rival casino, but instead become an events venue, food hall and general ‘co-working’ environment, to provide a big boost to potential tourism numbers.

What is Casino Vilamoura? 

Casino Vilamoura is one of three different casinos in the Algarve managed by the Sol Verde group and overlooks the likewise named beachfront. From gambling tables to dance floors and music, there is something for everyone to enjoy, even if the tables themselves need a little more variety to keep pace with the different roulette tables you can find on the web, notably the elusive lightning roulette game. Dice Nightclub, formerly Blackjack Vilamoura, the nightclub situated inside the casino, is independently managed but still provides a welcome distraction from the tables when things get a bit too much or if you just want a change of pace.

What does this latest development mean?

While the casino has been unrivalled in the last 5 years, this further cements the point that there is no competition likely to stand in its’ place. Just 25km from Faro airport, this tourism-magnet has prospered with neighbouring villages flocking to its’ doors and tourists being directed to it from the local hotels. With over 500 slot machines available to play, any competition it was potentially going to face from Quarteira was going to struggle to stand against it, however the news that it isn’t going to try is certainly welcome by the Sol Verde group. In fact, another tourism baiter in terms of the event arena and food hall might even improve footfall to the casinos after hours.

What happens next?

With the new community project likely to cost around €17million to get off the ground, don’t expect any quick changes. This isn’t going to happen overnight, so the casino won’t be able to reap any of the added benefits in the short-term, but keep your eyes peeled in the next few years as the works start panning out and things start changing. Until then, relax, enjoy the sun and don’t forget to visit Casino Vilamoura for a good night out and a chance to win big.

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