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The Ultimate Wedding Packing List to Ease Your Approach

THE ULTIMATE WEDDING PACKING LIST TO EASE YOUR APPROACHWeddings are one of the most fun and anticipated times in a person's life. Aside from celebrating with friends and family, one of the best parts is getting dressed for a wedding. You get to dress up, put on your best outfit, and dance the night away. 

Plus, it's always a good excuse to buy something new. However, while it's easy to get excited about finding an outfit (or multiple outfits) for weddings you're attending, there's also a lot that goes into deciding what you're wearing! For example: Should you wear heels? What if you want to change into flats? Will there be dancing? The list goes on.

Luckily we've been through this before and know exactly how difficult it can be. To help alleviate some stress and give you an idea of what other people pack when they attend weddings abroad or near home, we've created this ultimate guide so that no matter where your next wedding takes place, there won't be any surprises come time for packing!


The weather is one of the most important things to consider when packing for a destination wedding. You want to pack clothing that will work in both warm and cool temperatures since you never know where you'll be on your special day. Make sure you have layers and can easily take them off or add them on if necessary.

If it's a hot climate, opt for fabrics like linen or cotton; linen gets cooler when wet so it's great for warmer days! If it's cooler where you're going (think fall weddings), bring some sweaters, scarves, and gloves. However, don't forget about all the amazing outdoor activities that come along with being in such an awesome setting!

Ring and Dress

Packing your wedding ring and dress is an absolute must. Use a small box for the ring, but make sure that it is sturdy enough to protect the item from damage during transport. 

If you don't have a special box, use an empty makeup bag or jewelry box instead of packing it in with other clothes. This is considering that you have shortlisted a ring of choice. If not, find the perfect wedding ring to symbolize your eternal love. Do not wait to get one till the last minute.

For your dress, pack it in a garment bag to keep wrinkles at bay (or just fold up the dress and place it in another bag). Don't forget to pack any accessories that are part of your wedding look such as veils, shoes, jewelry (wedding rings), etc.

Travel Documents

Okay, so you already have your passport and visa ready, as well as your driving license. But what about travel insurance? And flight details? Hotel details? Transport details? Travel itinerary?

The good news is that all of these things can be easily accommodated by packing a small collection of organizers or folders in your suitcase. We recommend having one dedicated to each aspect of the trip. A folder with hotel information, another with transport information, another with a copy of your itinerary (or at least the important highlights), and so on. 

This way you'll know exactly where everything is if something goes missing during transit or when you're on the road. Since nothing ever does go missing when traveling it's important to prepare for every eventuality!

Clothing and Accessories

Your wedding day is all about you, but it's also about your family, friends, and guests. To make sure everyone has a good time, be sure to pack items that will ensure everyone looks their best on the big day. 

You can't always control whether they'll choose to wear the right thing. There's no point in trying to force them into something they'll hate wearing. So, give them some options by including clothing and accessories that fit a variety of styles.

If you're having a dress rehearsal or want to get an idea of how your gown feels close-up, pack your actual wedding dress in its garment bag (or at least bring along a similar outfit). You can also bring items such as shoes, undergarments, bathing suits, or loungewear if needed. Before anything else, you must also read guides like how to make wedding shoes more comfortable, so in case you feel something bad regarding your shoes, you can easily adjust.

Pack jewelry too! Whether you've borrowed from someone else or picked out pieces yourself for each person involved in the big event (bridesmaids included), make sure there are enough options available for each member of your party so nobody feels left out. However, don't fret if some people prefer not to wear any sort of adornment whatsoever; after all, this is supposed to be fun!


Travel size toiletries. A travel brush, comb, and razor will make it easy to keep your hair in order while you’re away from home.

Shampoo, conditioner, and soap. You can buy these at the hotel or bring some from home depending on what kind of shampoo/conditioners you prefer (or have allergies too). It’s always great to have some extra for your partner too!

Deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, and mouthwash have plenty of options out there. Tavel sizes are awesome because they're compact enough to fit in your bag without taking up too much space or adding unnecessary weight! Plus they're generally cheaper than buying full-size products at drugstores (especially if you get them online) so worming through airport security won't break the bank either.


Entertainment is a key component of any successful wedding. Whether you are planning a fun-filled celebration or an elegant, quiet affair, you will want to include some games and activities for your guests to enjoy. 

Game night! Consider adding board games and card games like Cards Against Humanity or Scrabble for guests to play together in small groups or with their significant others. If you have children attending the wedding, include classics like Candy Land or Operation or even new favorites like Jenga!

No matter what it is that brings people together at weddings, whether it be food, friends, or laughter. Make sure there’s something on hand to help keep them entertained throughout your evening together.


Hopefully, we’ve got you started with your wedding packing list. Remember to communicate with your partner and soon-to-be spouse, so that you can find out what they’ll be bringing. 

It also helps if you pack together. This is more practical for couples who live together, but if not then planning will help as well. 


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