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How to Brighten Up Your College Days With Dopamine Dressing

HOW TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR COLLEGE DAYS WITH DOPAMINE DRESSINGFinding your personal style is a part of your college experience. You’re on your own for the first time. You meet a lot of people and discover new things about yourself. It is only natural to reflect that major change in your fashion. However, young people often get influenced by trends more than personal preferences.

You might even feel pressured to dress a certain way to fit in with your peers. But what is the joy in that if trendy clothes make you uncomfortable? Not to mention that following all the latest trends can be quite expensive for a student. Luckily, there is a way to express yourself through fashion without breaking the bank. Have you heard about dopamine dressing?

What You Like vs. What You Should

As the name suggests, dopamine dressing implies that you’re wearing clothes that make you feel happy. It is a great approach to stop blindly following trends and discover your unique style. However, as a student, you still face some limitations that have to be accounted for. Granted, you do not have a dress code for uni. But it does not mean you can wear whatever.

As much as you’d like to dress like a Disney princess, it does not seem practical. However, you can always find compromises to make your clothes give you a dopamine rush. Notably, you’ll need some extra time to work on this project. So, do not hesitate to turn to dissertation writing services to clear up your schedule. Thus, you’ll figure out your style faster.

College is a time for experiments. Do not be afraid to fail with some items or styles. It’s okay to change and leave something behind. The most important guidance with dopamine dressing is to have fun and feel happy. Thus, do not take it too seriously and start small. 

Get Inspired

To do the dopamine dressing, you have to know what you like. It might be a challenge to pinpoint that since you’re just starting to explore your taste and style. So, the first thing you have to do is find your fashion inspiration. At this stage, you do not have to search for specific brands or compose any shopping lists.

You’ll need to get a general idea of what makes you the happiest in terms of clothes. Go on Pinterest or Instagram and save what sparks joy. Do this for some time to have an extensive collection of images. Then, look for similarities in your saved pictures. Notice what cuts, colors, and silhouettes appeal to you the most. And only then compose a list of clothing.

POWER OF COLORPower of Color

If you have trouble picking out criteria for your dopamine wardrobe, go with the easiest approach. Look for colors that make you the happiest. And then pick up the colors that suit you the most.

Go to any store and seek items in your happiest colors. Preferably, they have to be tops, so you can see what brightens you up the best. You don’t have to buy anything. This exercise is just to determine your best colors and note them for the future.

Try Decluttering

It might sound counterintuitive, but getting rid of clothes you don’t like can make you rather happy. If you have been on the Internet for a hot minute, you’ve heard about decluttering. The principle of discarding clothes would be to get rid of items that do not spark joy.

Thus, by removing the items you grow tired of, you make room for clothes that you’ll love. Besides, in the process of closet revision, you can rediscover some pieces that make you happy and start wearing them more often. 

Budget Matters

Dressing in a way that makes you happy includes not going broke because of fashion. It won’t be a fun experience if you get yourself in credit card debt over cute clothes. Be conscious about your fashion choices. Make sure the things you’re buying will stay with you for some time. There is no point in accumulating tons of clothing to just sit in your closet.

Besides, you’re not likely to have that big of a budget to splurge on fashion as a student. You’ll have to save up on textbooks, the best essay editing services, and necessary tech, after all. But it does not mean you cannot participate in dopamine dressing on a budget. There are tons of options to consider.

Thrifting has become a huge trend over the last few years. It’s perfect for getting nice clothes for a fraction of the price. Besides, it’s great to support the sustainable fashion movement as well. And when you know what you like, you’re unlikely to do massive hauls of clothing you’ll regret. You can also try “shopping” your friend’s closet. Get together for a slumber party and go through each other’s clothing. One man’s dirt is another man’s treasure, as they say. 

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. Find ways to incorporate your favorites into your daily life to boost your dopamine level with your clothes. Get inspired by the images on the Internet and pinpoint what clothes make you the happiest. And if you struggle with that, start with your favorite colors. Try getting rid of clothes you don’t like as well. And finally, be mindful of your budget and look for affordable ways to shop.


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