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The Benefits and Risks of Using Essay Writing Services for Academic Success

THE BENEFITS AND RISKS OF USING ESSAY WRITING SERVICES FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESSEssay writing is an essential skill students need to develop in college. They need to know how to express their ideas in written form. Essays provide a way to assess their knowledge, and they are a part of the grading process so it is therefore important to use a reputable history essay writer , or other essay writing service.

There are various reasons why students may decide to use an essay writing service. They may be short of time or have difficulty structuring the essays.

Using a service can have many benefits for them but can also result in certain risks. Being aware of the risks can help students to choose the right service and use it in a way that helps rather than hinders them. 

Writing services differ in quality

Students may be taking a risk when using some essay writing services. The writers may be poorly vetted and produce badly written essays that are full of errors. They may even copy material from online sources or previously written essays. Students may be charged for every revision and have difficulty communicating with a writer. 

Customer reviews may not be genuine, and customer service may be lacking. There’s a chance that personal information won’t be kept confidential, and payment options may not be safe.

It is vital that students use a reputable writing service. What are the signs that a writing service is a reputable one? 

  • The opportunity to choose a writer based on education and experience.
  • A guarantee that essays are plagiarism free.
  • Free revisions.
  • Plenty of genuine, positive customer reviews. Checking reviews on third-party sites is important as disreputable companies often use fake reviews on their own websites.
  • Money-back guarantees if work is unacceptable.
  • The ability to communicate with an essay writer.
  • Personal information remains confidential.
  • Payment options are safe and secure.

How students use a writing service mattersEssay writing service

Outside help in crucial times is important. This is why the essay writing service Edubirdie offers professional writers services who have an academic background and writing experience. Some of them even have PhDs in their area of education. Students having difficulty with all the demands of college can get help from them. They will have more time to study and less stress.

The expert writers will produce well-structured, original essays students can learn from. They can use them as a guide to help them improve their own essay writing skills.

How students use a writing service matters

Schools and colleges want students to write a paper on their own. They don’t approve of the use of essay writing services where a professional writer does all the research, reads the books and does all the work.

Giving students some guidance is much more acceptable. Students should know that a school won’t approve if it’s obvious that they have used an essay writing service. Unless they work on an essay to reflect their own voice, they may be penalized for cheating. Most educators know their students well enough to recognize when an essay is not their own.

Pricing can be a red flag

It is tempting for students on a limited budget to use the cheapest service. This can be a mistake. Lower prices can mean they will receive poor quality. If costs are too low, they should question why. It probably means the service doesn’t have the best writers. They may also charge for all revisions, which can raise the price.

Reputable services know they need to pay to have good writers. They often offer unlimited revisions, so students don’t have an unexpected surprise when they have to pay extra for them. It is possible to find affordable writing services that offer great quality.

Poor customer support

Poor customer support is another sign that a student may not be dealing with a reputable company. If they have trouble contacting a real person, they should go elsewhere. They need to be able to communicate easily and find the right writer before they hand over any money.

Revisions are likely to be necessary, and they also need to communicate these to the writer without any problems. If no one attends to your chat or calls at a critical time, it is a big failure on the part of the service.


Using writing services can be a benefit for students, but they also come with some risks. They provide some much-need assistance to get work done in time, but it is possible to abuse or overuse these services. Students need to make sure they work with reputable services. They also need to make sure they don’t rely totally on them but use the essay examples to improve their own essay writing skills. Using these services judiciously can provide an important way for students to achieve success.

Author’s Bio

Gloria Delgado writes beautifully and devotes herself fully to the assignment she takes up from a student. She provides amazing essay samples that can help students drive inspiration and get ideas to craft their papers. Her help has helped many students score high grades and feel confident about their education journey in schools and colleges.


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