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Traditions of the most gambling country in the world

TRADITIONS OF THE MOST GAMBLING COUNTRY IN THE WORLDIn some countries, such as Europe, gambling mostly comprises sports betting and lotteries. While some players prefer playing slot machines or card games in the best online casinos Italy, other regional cultures tend to play many other games that have become traditional for their culture over many years.

Making bets at an online casino has become a popular entertainment not only in Europe but in other parts of the world. That is why it is hard to name one gambling country. That is why it is worth checking out a few of them and seeing what traditions are associated with wagering there.

The United States

The Puritans that came to the US in the 16th century did not participate in any gambling activities at first because they thought it was a sin.  Some time later, they changed their mind regarding gambling and started supporting games as nothing but recreational hobbies. While the Puritans had this attitude towards gambling, the rest of the English colonists did enjoy it and thought it was socially acceptable. The most popular game was the lottery. A few decades later, they also started making bets on sports and playing poker.


Similar to Americans, people from Australia are fond of different forms of gambling. Some experts state that around 70 percent of the population gamble at least once a year, and it can be:

  •   Lotteries;
  •   Table games;
  •   Scratch-offs;
  •   Slots.

The truth is that gambling is considered to be one of the distinctive aspects of life in this country. It started with the oldest forms of this entertainment, such as dice and other games of chance.

The gambling culture of this country changed several times, so they shifted from classic games to other types of gambling. This way, gambling on horse races and playing poker became popular as well. It is worth mentioning that both land-based and online casino options are used here.


The history of gambling is much longer here compared to Australia and the United States. The earliest kinds were all games of chance, such as cards and dice. Later, they also started gambling on horse racing, which required some knowledge of an animal`s history. In the 16th century, lotteries appeared, and they still remain a favorite. Even before casinos appeared, wealthy people could go to gaming clubs to play with others. Since gambling appeared in England long ago, there are a few popular options, so they prefer:

  •   Sports betting;
  •   Race betting;
  •   Slot machines;
  •   Lotteries.


People from countries such as England, the United States, Europe, and Australia like different kinds of games, but those who live in Japan tend to opt for one gambling variant. A bigger part of the players goes for pachinko, which is a pinball-type game with several balls. Gamblers do their best to score as many of them as possible and are allowed to exchange these balls for bonuses.  Pachinko parlors bring in half of the auto industry`s revenue, which makes them valuable to the country`s economy. At the same time, the traditions here are different because the Japanese do not make bets for cash. They tend to win certificates that can be later exchanged for prizes or cash.


Spanish gamblers usually choose lotteries, but there is one more popular type of gambling – blackjack. The thing is that, according to some researchers, this game originated here. However, the 20th century brought more popular options, such as slot machines. Currently, there are more than 60 gambling houses across the country where people can play a variety of games, including card games. Moreover, gambling is tax-free, so this entertainment is one of their favorite pastimes.


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