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6 Things You Need To Know About Cigarette Equipment

6 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CIGARETTE EQUIPMENTSmoking cigarettes and cigars is something everyone knows does no good to our bodies. However, a lot of people still continue smoking ciggies like it’s nothing special, just another treat we want.

It is not because we do not know the risks, every smoker knows the risks of smoking very well and many of them usually live to see consequences in a matter of a year or two. It does not take long to see the consequences of smoking to kick in.

Even so, we still do that, some by choice and some simply continue on because it is their routine. No matter the case, if you smoke, you probably stumbled upon some smoking equipment and asked yourself, what is this? Isn’t smoking just huffing and puffing that yummy ciggie? If you want to make the entire experience more pleasing then you should get to know these 6 facts regarding cigarette equipment.

Cigar cutter

When it comes to cigars, you need a bit more serious equipment compared to cigarettes. All good cigars require a cigar cutter to open them properly. Of course, there are cigars that can be lit right away, but their quality is different. Cutting your own cigar is a ritual on its own and it also serves a very important purpose. An uncut cigar stays fresh much longer and it will have a much better taste than a pre-cut cigar.

Cigar storage

Again, if you plan on smoking cigars, you want to do that properly. Cigars are not like cigarettes when it comes to storage because of their fine structure. If you are already paying money for cigars, you want to invest in them the right way and do so properly. Cigar storages are thermostated storages with optimal humidity to keep your cigars in top shape. You do not want to store cigars in a dry environment, but you also do not want them in damp places.

Tobacco pouch

If you roll your own cigarettes, it is also important to store your tobacco the right way. Compared to cigars, you won’t be stacking that much tobacco with you. This means that just a regular-sized pouch will do the trick for your tobacco. 

Just make sure that the pouch is waterproof and does not aerate too much. You need aeration to prevent mold growth, but you do not want to dry your tobacco too much. You do not want to cheap out on these pouches because the tobacco can get tainted from the material of poor pouches.

Rolling machinesRolling machines

Even though some people like to hand roll their cigarettes, rolling machines are still quite useful. If you get bored of rolling them or do not have the time, a rolling machine will do you wonders. You can roll a lot of cigarettes in no time and have them ready for the entire day. If you have a long trip ahead and do not want to roll, just stock up. If you have a long work day with no short breaks, you can get to smoking a ciggie in no time.

The lighter

The lighter is very important for the ritual of smoking anything for many reasons. First off, the aesthetics of the lighter, everyone appreciates a good lighter. Second, it is about the sentimental value of the lighter, once you get close to it you do not want to let go. 

And the most boring part of the lighter is the utility comparison between different lighters. If you are smoking regular ciggies, a regular lighter will do the trick just fine. For cigars, it is better to use Brenner lighters to get the cigar lit up.

Smoke odor repellent

The taste of cigars and cigarettes is one thing, but the odor from the smoke is completely different. Even if the smoke does not stink to you, it sure as hell reeks to the people around you.

Unless everyone around you is a smoker and used to such smells, you want to buy a smoke odor repellent. The smoke stays on clothes for quite some time and you do not want a permanent smoke smell on your clothes.

With all of this in mind, you can see how smoking can become more convenient and tastier. It is important to stay smart no matter what you are doing, for your own sake and keeping your brain active. 

Whether you want to smoke is entirely up to you, you already made a choice and there will be more turning points. However, the worst thing you can do is do something without putting any effort or brain power into it. Letting your brain rot is far worse than letting your lungs turn to ashes from too much smoking.


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