It’s party time: read Enjoy the Algarve’s August issue: Festa!

Enjoy the Algarve - June issue now available!

This month it’s party time: our August 2016 issue, Festa!, brings you the best festivals of the Algarve. That’s not only the parties you shouldn’t miss this month, but an event calendar for the entire year. Because why not have a little party every day?

Celebrate with cake, have a gin experience, learn how to party like a local, dance the corridinho, make great wedding pics, have a good time in Lagos and find out how bikers throw a massive festa at their yearly motorcycle meeting.
Plus: luxury catering expert Kate Ayres-Rouse gives tips on party preparations, expat Don McGowan explains why the Autódromo International Algarve is worth a visit, and culinary columnist Arthur van Amerongen talks about mezze, sushi and… eggplants.

Happy reading!

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