The October 'Mar Algarve' Expo returns, this year it is in Faro - and it's free

octopus2The Mar Algarve (Sea Algarve) expo, the largest such event south of Lisbon, returns to the Algarve this year to publicise the Algarve’s sea as a productive area in its own right.

The event will take place between the 1st and the 3rd of  October at the ‘School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Algarve’ in Faro, and admission is free.

Organised by L Pro, the tourist consultancy and events organiser, in partnership with Maralgarve – the Association for the Promotion of Knowledge of the Sea Economy in the Algarve - the Mar Algarve exhibition and conference features the diverse sectors related to the economy of the sea.

The exhibitors already are confirmed and include organisations such as the Administration of Sines and the Algarve Ports, the Agricultural Credit Bank and Docapesca. Several of the Algarve’s towns also will be represented including Faro, Tavira, Loulé and Portimão through the Tourism Association.

Several diving centre businesses have a dedicated exhibition area this year where visitors can experience sub-aqua diving in a special tank. This area also features the HPA Health Group which is hosting a seminar on hyperbaric medicine in the context of scuba diving.

The 2015 conference and seminar programme will be opened by the Secretary of State for the Sea, Prof. Manuel Pinto de Abreu.

This technical programme aims to address current issues related to the Algarve at the seminar "Challenges and Future Proposals for the Algarve Sea" and also will look at big relevant issues such as the destruction of resources, pollution, navigation dangers and catastrophic maritime changes at the "Protecting the Sea: Risks and Defences" session on the 1st October at 14:00 where Nuno Rogeiro is one of the key speakers.

Like last year, the Mar Algarve expo is catering for the younger visitor with a seminar, "Job Opportunities in the Sea - a Future for Youth" on October the 2nd, at 14:00. This session will be moderated by Carlos Baía from the Regional Institute of Employment and Professional Training.

For the visiting public, the Algarve Mar expo has several ‘show cooking’ sessions to showcase the Algarve’s seafood with a variety of fresh fish and octopus and much more in addition to the diving experiences and exhibition stands giving information on leisure activities related to the sea.

Visitors also are encouraged to participate in the various workshops and activities organised by the Algarve Live Science Centre and the Association to Protect the Sea from Litter among others.

For more information, contact :

tel: + 351 282 045 164

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0 #2 SH 2015-09-08 06:08
Ed, will you be asking the Sines port authority why it continues to fiddle and delay the new dock in Portimao by comissioning further useless reports just so it does not have to spend any money outside of Sines? (See, we have been following)
Sarah, Portimao
0 #1 Carlos G 2015-09-08 06:04
This new exhibition is a good way of promoting Algarve and the sea. Politicians will be there to answer questions of oil exploring which effects the coast and business. I hope for no oil to be found and the Algarve to stay beautiful.

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