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Brits in Europe: alternative White Paper presented to UK government

brexitLenWith the Government’s White Paper publication, UK citizens living in the EU present their ‘UK Citizens in Europe – Towards an Alternative White Paper’.   

This is the biggest group of British citizens’ organisations in Europe working together for the first time to call for their serious concerns to be acted on before Article 50 is triggered.  The groups represent thousands of British citizens living and working across the continent, writes the Brits in Europe platform

‘UK Citizens in Europe – Towards an Alternative White Paper’ sets out clear concerns about being able to live, work, run a business or study in the European countries where many have made lives for themselves and their families.

Authors, Jane Golding and Jeremy Morgan QC added:

“Following the Supreme Court ruling, UK MPs have both the opportunity and the clear responsibility to make approval of the bill to trigger Article 50 conditional on safeguarding the rights and livelihoods of over a million UK citizens living in Europe (as well as around 3 million EU citizens in the UK).  This should happen at the earliest opportunity.” (J.Golding)

“Our paper shows that the complex position of individuals who have moved to another EU country.  It is clear that unless all rights are preserved, many people will have no choice but to give up their homes and their lives and return to their country of origin”  (J.Morgan)

The signatories of the Alternative White Paper are:

Brits in Europe (Germany), British Community Committee of France,  Expat Citizen Rights in EU (ECREU) on behalf of 6,000 members from 25 EU Countries (France), Fair Deal for Expats (France), RIFT (Remain in France Together), Brexpats Hear our Voice (Belgium) British in Italy, Bremain in Spain EuroCitizens (Spain) and New Europeans (UK).

For further information or to speak to the authors contact us here.



+2 #3 Thoughtful 2017-02-15 16:05
In these days of EU confusion over the US Trump Presidency has anyone yet mentioned the similarities between today's EU with its constant misunderstandings between the Northern EU and the noticeably different southern EU. And the US of 150 years ago? That there may be a lesson to be learnt here.

In that the predominately northern EU won the Civil War versus the southern (of substantially southern European origin) states. A war triggered by deeply held differences of opinion. Something to chew over the next time anyone says the EU has stopped wars in Europe today.
0 #2 James Williams 2017-02-15 13:45
Its not the EU that can help British expats here - it has always been powerless at enforcing EU citizens rights. It is the EU countries themselves and the degree of that countries 'development' from fascism or communism. Portugal has dealt with its British 'entrepreneurs' and 'settlers' totally inadequately. Intending them all to fail and go home - as so many subsequently did. In the manic reasoning of the Portuguese some sort of payback - 200 years after the event.
+3 #1 Chip 2017-02-15 13:23
The EU won't negotiate until Article 50 is triggered, so this group should be addressing their concerns to Brussels.

The UK government has already said that it will allow legal EU citizens to stay in the UK provided the EU offers a reciprocal arrangement to expats in EU countries.