Modernisation of São Brás de Alportel's main square is completed

SaoBraSquareSMALLThe modernisation of the Largo de São Sebastião in the centre of São Brás de Alportel has been completed.

A plaque was unveiled yesterday, June 1st, and ceremonies were held that included the local Scouts, Fire Brigade and the São Brás de Alportel Band.

A statue of the poet, Bernardo de Passos, is all that remains of the old square but at least this remains in place after an extensive refurbishment of the area using local limestone and shale - and the planting of local trees.

The junction of the EN2 and the local 270 is more pedestrian friendly and also now can be used for social events. In what the council refers to as ‘a well-defined strategy’ the ring road takes the bulk of traffic away from the centre which has been converted into something useable to give the area a new life and an area for tourists to use, as well as locals.

The work at the Largo de São Sebastião was the first part of a larger, €315,000 city development project financed 65% by the Regional Operational Program CRESC Algarve.

Vitor Guerreiro, the self-congratlatory local mayor said at the inauguration of the square that this is "a victory for all of the people of São-Brás, a place that dignifies our history, our common past, with the attitude of the present. The capacity to raise Community funds while maintaining a balanced budget based on strict and demanding management, is what distinguishes São Brás de Alportel from other municipalities. And that is why we should be proud to be an example at the national level.”

The result is less danger to pedestrians from traffic, fewer parking spaces for cars and more areas for people to use.

Guerreiro commented to Sul Informação, “The work aimed to restore dignity to the centre. We removed road area and took out 14 parking spaces. The monument to the poet Bernardo de Passos was always surrounded by cars, people did not know where to cross the street. Anyone who did not know the area, arrived and did not know if this was a roundabout and whether to go left or right."

These problems now are resolved and whether traditionalists like the new square or not, it now can be used by people rather than being a fogtotten and difficult area domintaed by vehicles.




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