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Woman killed by tour boat off Carvoeiro beach

coastviewAlgarveA woman from Belarus, swimming with her husband off Praia do Paraíso near Carvoeiro, died of her injuries on Tuesday, August 15th, after being driven over by a tour boat, which immediately fled the scene of the accident.

The woman was helped to the beach and then taken to Ferragudo by lifeboat where an INEM medical team battled to save her life, but without success and declared her dead at the scene.

The out-of-the-way beach where the couple was swimming is unsupervised and hard to get to.

Maritime Police and Judicial Police are investigating the incident with the Ports authority reminding swimmers and all boat captains to be on the look-out for each other at this crowded time of year.

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0 #5 Chief.Ronga 2019-05-28 00:07
Two children were supposedly on the boat @jtravels they had to leave because two children imagine that for you if you have kids or nieces or nephews or grandchildren even and they where on that boat screaming crying from seeing a dead body how would that make you feel and would you like it if that happened to you and I was here giving out saying that they disappeared not helping they stayed there for a good while trying to get people to come and help and they where the ones to actually get help there so be quiet .
+3 #4 Blue Fintuna 2017-08-20 18:48
There will be more fatalities if rules are not defined and enforced limiting the activity of these tour boats. I have witnessed tour boat pilots racing past and swearing menaces at swimmers that are comfortably within bathing areas. I have also witnessed, at Benagil caves, enormous catamaran arrive within a couple of metres of the surf. This rescource is being over exploited recklessly and as a result somebody has died tragically.
+1 #3 Jtravels 2017-08-17 11:13
This is a dreadful tradgedy made worse because the husband has to drag his wife ashore and was then aided by holiday makers on the beach. The tourist boat disappeared without helping or remaining at the scene. Emergency services arrived 30 minutes later but by that time it was too late.
+4 #2 Jack Reacher 2017-08-16 20:57
Tragic. But there are so many marine blackspots all along the Algarve coast. One dangerous area is Benagil Beach/cave where an accident is waiting to happen.
+3 #1 Sissi 2017-08-16 18:45
We on anchor by Portimao. Some Jetskiers, Touristic boats and motor boats are driving so fast that it is only safe to swim next to the boat.
I think it is very difficult to see a swimmer in the water.

In the channel or river some of the boats going so fast and making swell or waves behind their boat then it is becoming tricky to stay in the dinghy and find a way through this waves. I am very very sorry and feeling sad that this accident happend and somebody lost their life. Very very sorry

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