Desidério Silva challenged for Algarve tourism's top job

desideriosilvaThe Algarve's socialists are to put forward a candidate to challenge Desidério Silva who seeks to have his 5 year mandate extended as president of the regional tourist board.
Regional newspaper, Barlavento, has suggested Paulo Neves (who already has held the position), Fernando Anastácio and João Fernandes but no selection has yet been made to challenge Silva.
The region’s socialist mayors are meeting next week and will produce a candidate that the regional party executive will support and promote . it's feasible that one of the mayors could be put forward.
The decision on who next will lead the regional tourist board will take place on May 11, and applications must be delivered 10 days in advance.
The current president, Desidério Silva, already has announced that he is reapplying, riding high on the excellent tourism figures achieved while he has been president of the tourist board.
How much of the improvement is down to Silva, remains a question that is hard to answer. It is easier for critics to point out his failures than attribute tourism successes to personal and team efforts.
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+1 #1 Guido 2018-04-01 06:57
As already said: this is not a job for a politician, this job should be attribuated to a skilled and academically trained tourist technician

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