GNR and Guardia Civil focus on Monte Gordo the Easter

GuadiaCivilTraficoPortugal GNR and Spain’s Guardia Civil are joining forces for 'Operation Easter.'
GNR patrols from Tavira will be working alongside officers from the Guardia Civil on March 30 and April 1, focusing on the Monte Gordo area.
Traditionally, thousands of Spanish tourists come to Portugal for their Easter break, especially in the Algarve region. The Guardia Civil, in collaboration with the GNR, will be carrying out joint patrols with the stated objectives of  "promoting support, security and combat crime against tourists."
This will “contribute to a peaceful stay for those who visit Portugal,” in addition to dealing with any trouble from well refreshed locals or Spanish vistors.
GNR command helpfully notes that its patrols "will target tourists and carry out information and awareness actions with the intention of preventing potential risks during their stay.”
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+2 #3 2018-04-01 11:14
Agree with you Denby - and, sad to say, it's the Brits 95% of the time. :oops: :oops: :oops:
+3 #2 Valery 2018-03-30 09:50
totally agree Denby, they are an embarrassment, and all ages too, where did it all go wrong.
+3 #1 Denby 2018-03-29 20:26
Think I would be more worried about the behaviour of the tourists that fly in, rather than the tourists that drive in.

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