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Portugal’s drought is over

RainLogoDrought now affects only 0.1% of the country with only three dams at less than 40% capacity.
The majority of the nation's reservoirs now have reserves above 80%. Five of them are completely full and there are only three, all in the south, with reserves remaining stubbornly below 40%, but not for long as more rain is on the way.
April arrived with rainfall over most of the country - rain should continue to fall until the middle of next week.
The record rainfall in March has left only a small fraction of ​​the Algarve still classified as in drought, which corresponds to only 0.1% of the mainland.
The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere has declared the drought over, ending a worrying situation that started back in April last year.
Nationally, March last was second rainiest since records began back in 1931 - the rainiest being in 2001 – with four times the normal rainfall filling rivers and dams.
Water reserves are rising rapidly, according to data released on Monday by the Portuguese Environment Agency. Of the 62 reservoirs monitored by the National Water Resources Information System, 33 had filled by 80% or more.
Only three had less than 40%, all in the Sado basin: Fonte Serne was at 39%, Campilhas at 26% and Monte da Rocha near Ourique at 26%.
For weather buffs, March 2018 was the coldest since 2000, with a average maximum air temperature 2.6% below the normal value.
Rain will return on Saturday and Sunday across the nation. The forecast by the weather service shows rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week from the north to south of the country.
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0 #1 Rb 2018-04-09 17:55
The baragems are not at full capacity. Please don't encourage water use. Forget your English gardens. This is dry, hot PT. Plant native species which are water tolerant, or better yet xeroscape gardening.

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