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Lagoa's wetland nature site subject to full government review

LagoasBrancasSmallThe Save Alagoas Brancas protest group, that so stridently has stood up for nature in the face of more concrete and steel, is getting serious recognition with the government publishing news of what needs to happen next to protect the Lagoa freshwater site.
Two resolutions, both been approved by Portugal’s parliament, have been published in Diário da República – most importantly, the safeguarding of the ‘Alagoas Brancas’ wetland in Lagoa, is recommended.
One of the entries states that "under the coordination of the Institute of Nature Conservation, the in-depth study of the natural values ​​present in the wetland of the Alagoas Brancas and the assessment of the an appropriate protection status," will be carried out.
MPs also want a thorough evaluation of the planning options for the area in question, with a view to amendment or revision, taking into account the safeguarding the ecosystem and the legal agreement that allowed the natural area to be designated as a building area for a supermarket.
In the second Diário da República entry, it is noted that MPs have asked for measures that prevent the wetland's "imminent destruction" and that a "detailed study on Alagoas Brancas is carried out with a view to its environmental classification."
This is a good as it gets in convoluted government speak: the protestors have pushed MPs into approving a review of the planning and zoning that was to turn a freshwater bird site into a Continente supermarket, as if the company didn’t have enough already.
The site is not yet safe but the protestors can congratulate themselves on 'progress to date,' which has been impressive despite zero help from Lagoa Council and a 'zero engagement' policy adopted by Sonae Group, the owner of the Continente supermarket chain.