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24-hour railway workers' strike causes maximum disruption

trainAnother railway workers’ strike is affecting services today until Wednesday at noon, but the effects will drag on into the evening.

The strike, which started at 12:00 on Tuesday 12th June, is causing cancellations and delays on all services, except at Comboios Urbanos do Porto.

The strike was called by several trade union organisations and although a minimum service was ordered, the railway company said there would be, "serious impacts on the mobility of citizens who use our services."

The closure of Portugal’s railway services, for the second time this month, is over one simple issue, trains being driven by a single driver with no backup - something the unions do not want.

The same reason will be used for regional strikes planned for June 23rd and 24th.

The railway company registered 40% of train services affected. The strike will cost €700,000 in lost sales, according to the company's president.