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Injunctions thwart further Ria Formosa demolitions

DemolitionCulatraApril2017The takeover of 12 buildings in the villages of Farol and Hangars on Culatra Island in the Ria Formosa, which was to take place today, was postponed after Loulé Court accepted petitions for injunctions, filed by the owners.

The president of the Lighthouse Island Association said that the owners of the houses received the notification from the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Loulé on Monday. Polis Litoral Ria Formosa now has ten days to respond.

The situation is confused, with Polis being closed down at the end of the year and a series of seccessful petitions for injunctions, thwarting its every move.

According to Feliciano Júlio, of these 12 buildings, half were seized by Polis last April and could be demolished, but for the other seven, the administrative possession has not yet been achieved.

There are 14 houses in the two villages marked for demolition, eight in Farol and six in Hangars, but the cases of two of these owners are not included in the group of 12 whose injunctions were successful.

In April, the process of demolishing 23 buildings on Farol Island proceeded, but 13 were left out of the process because they were protected by injunctions, filed before and after the administrative possession stage.

In April 2017, 200 island properties were due to be demolished, a figure that later was revised to 80 and in April this year, to 60.

Under the Ria Formosa Polis Litoral demolition programme, 297 buildings already have already been demolished, of which 108 are located on the Ancão Peninsula, where Praia de Faro lies, and 189 on the other Ria Formosa islands.


+1 #1 J B Potter 2018-11-07 11:37
It must be particularly stressful to have been battling at great expense (that will never be recovered) over the last few years with all the correct local utilisation licensing for your property and still be condemned for demolishment yet have neighbours houses - that you know are no more legal than your own - somehow 'safe'.