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Shoppers spent over €4 billion on-line last year

fibreopticPortugal’s on-line shoppers increased e-commerce sales by 12.5% last year by spending €4.145 billion.

Four out of ten Portuguese shoppers now purchase online at an average rate of 15 sales annually.

e-buyers are motivated by low prices, the ease of purchase, promotions and the convenience of 24/7 shopping, according to findings published in ‘CTT e-Commerce Report 2018.’

Purchases mostly are made using a smartphone and price is the main factor, reads the report.

e-buyers make 15.2 purchases a year, 4 more purchases than in 2016, spending an average of €51.49 on each purchase, a value that has fallen, in the year-to-year analysis.

Six out of ten e-shoppers, purchase online at least once a month, fashion and clothing remain the most sought after products.

According to the report, the number of mixed e-sellers (those with shops and online retail) has been increasing, and most intend to increase their online presence and launch a version of their online store in a App.

The biggest complaints remain the returns policy and procedures, especially when buyers are required to pay to return products. An uncomplicated return can be the guarantee of a satisfied customer.

"The challenge for the next few years will be to find effective and reliable solutions to meet the expected increase in business volume and at the same time to customize the delivery models to the customer's particularities, in order to achieve flexible and convenient options that interfere as little as possible with the daily routines of consumers," claims Rui Aragão of Wook, a e-commerce platform for books.

The report’s experts forecast a growth of 10% over the next six months, along with a growth in investment in e-business.

Alberto Pimenta, the Post Office’s e-Commerce Director, argues that, "CTT has the ambition to continue leading the development and construction of the national e-commerce ecosystem, where we highlight the expansion of its e-Segue offer and the launch brief from a marketplace, the Dott."

"In addition, we continue to focus on innovation in order to provide e-buyers with the best delivery experience of their online purchases, by launching pilots of convenience solutions in the last mile, such as automatic lockers, soon, the dynamic distribution solution SuperExpress in the city of Lisbon," added the expert.

This CTT report was conducted in Portugal between May and July 2018 and consisted of 742 telephone inquiries to online shoppers, 100 telephone inquiries to retailers with online sales, 18 face-to-face interviews with retailers with online sales and 9 face-to-face interviews with distribution operators.

This gave those responsible the opportunity to deliver new levels of e-marketing mumbo-jumbo that only those in this industry have any chance of fully understanding.

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+1 #2 Darcy 2018-11-11 22:48
Just wondering if the road works on the EN125 bridge, with 2 km tail back, is the reason that Tavira is so quiet.
0 #1 Peter Booker 2018-11-11 09:34
In the meantime, the shopping centres in Britain are beginning to close because their business is going online, and those in Portugal cannot be far behind. Gran Plaza in Tavira is the one I know best, and it appears to be dying on its feet. I wonder for how long Continente can support the remaining retail outlets.

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