Portimão to Bragança air service - subsidy rises to €10 million

aeroVIPThe new public tender for a company to run the Portimão to Bragança air service has been announced by the Minister of Infrastructure.

The concession period increases from three to four years and the taxpayer-funded subsidy rises from €7.8 million to €10 million, 30% more than the current concession which ends on 22 December this year.

These alterations were announced by Minister, Pedro Marquês, who launched the tender at of Bragança aerodrome on Tuesday, saying how fundamental the service is.

The service ran for 15-years but was suspended between December 2012 and December 2015, by the Passos Coelho government. The current concession is being run by AeroVip which is welcome to reapply.

The new carrier will keep the same route, Bragança-Vila Real-Viseu-Tires-Portimão, but landing in Tires, not in Portela, which was one of the gripes from passengers bound for Lisbon.

“This is a service that saves travel time compared to going by car. A trip of five hours is reduced to an hour and a half. In the North, accessibility has improved with the opening of the Marão Tunnel, but the connection to Lisbon is very important for the citizens of Bragança, Vila Real, Viseu and even for Portimão," said Marquês.


Currently showing, flights to and from Bragança/Portimão from under 50 each way

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+2 #2 John Davies 2018-12-06 20:18
Would be interesting to know who regularly uses this plane and which heavyweights they are connected to - if not particularly heavy themselves. Just to get a handle on who has been pushing to raise the subsidy on an unprofitable route.
+2 #1 TT 2018-12-06 19:37
Seems strange that this route needs such a huge subsidy when Ryanair can manage to run Faro/Porto profitably. If the benefit to the users is so great why can't they afford to pay more?

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